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Savings potential with Litepanels

Last Updated: February 17, 2011 7:32 pm GMT
(Van Nuys, California--February 17, 2011) The news studio of the Croatian commercial television network Nova TV, one of the most modern and largest television studios in the country, was re-equipped to support HD last year. As part of this process, 1x1 LED lights by Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand, were chosen to provide the perfect lighting for the well-known news program Dnevnik Nove TV.

Nova TV is one of the most important commercial TV stations in Croatia. Adapted casting show concepts such as American Idol, telenovelas from South America and other American hit series, guarantee high ratings. Additionally, the daily news program Dnevnik Nove TV is very popular with its viewers. The show has been filmed in HD since 2010. "We knew that with this switch, we would have to source lighting equipment of a higher quality than the traditional halogen fixtures we had been using previously," explains Miljenko Logozar, Technical Director at Nova TV.

Comfortable temperatures despite bright studio lighting
Nova TV hired AVC Zagreb for the lighting plan and the installation of the new lighting system. The requirements were clearly defined: high energy efficiency and low heat development. The solution: AVC Zagreb, specialist for integration and installation of audio and video systems, equipped the 750 m_ Nova TV news studio with LED lights from Litepanels. They decided to use 13 1x1 Spot production lights, eight 1x1 Low-Profile Floods, two 1x1 Super-Spots as well as one Bi-Focus Spot and Bi-Focus Flood each. Furthermore, two MiniPlus fixtures were installed. Now the studio no longer has to worry about the intense heating of the news-desk area caused by standard halogen studio lighting, which used to interfere with the news presenters' work. "Moreover, the lights are of high-quality workmanship, provide an absolutely flicker-free light and are environmentally friendly," says Alen Lustica, head of the AVC Broadcasting and Telecommunications department, explaining why he decided to use the award-winning Litepanels LED technology. Mario Kralj, Head of Technical Engineering at Nova TV is quick to add his praise for Litepanels. “Since we started using the Litepanels fixtures it’s like our worries and troubles have just disappeared”, he reflects. “Before, we needed to check our studio lights every day before transmission and then calibrate our cameras. Now, we just flick the switch and go!”

An environmentally friendly energy saver
Litepanels use considerably less energy compared with other studio lights and generate almost no heat. In addition, there are no longer any costs for air conditioning to counteract the heat developed by the studio lights. As a result, Nova TV’s studio lighting energy bills have fallen by an impressive 90+%. Finally, the Litepanels LED lights score with a high lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours. "Litepanels LED lighting has definitely lived up to our expectations. No more excessive heating and huge savings in maintenance have created a better working environment for us and, just as importantly, reduced the power consumption from 18 kW to only 900 W without any negative effect on the environment," summarizes Miljenko Logozar.

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