“The King’s Speech” Graded on Baselight at Molinare


Last Updated: March 3, 2011 7:04 pm GMT
(London--March 3, 2011) "The King’s Speech", this year’s winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture, went through final DI grading on FilmLight’s Baselight at the post house Molinare in London.

The project reunited DI colourist Gareth Spensley and Director Tom Hooper (the Oscar winner for Best Director) who had previously collaborated on The Damned United. Spensley had also previously worked with Director of Photography Danny Cohen (a nominee for Best Cinematography) on This Is England.

The King’s Speech tells the story of the surprising ascent of George VI (played by Colin Firth, the Oscar winner for Best Actor) to the English throne and his courageous effort to overcome an acute problem with stammering.

Molinare was a co-producer of the film and provided virtually all of the picture post production services. That included hosting the editorial team, producing the visual effects, performing DI grading and editorial finishing, recording the final 35mm master, and producing all of the digital deliverables including the digital cinema prints.

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