Leading New York Post Houses Choose Cache-A Archive Appliances To Safeguard Content


Last Updated: March 10, 2011 9:49 pm GMT
(Morgan Hill, California--March 10, 2011) Faced with preserving and protecting the massive amounts of data they generate daily, many leading New York post houses are increasingly choosing Cache-A’s archive appliances. Cache-A’s complete product line – including the Pro-Cache5 and Pro-Cache Library24/Library48 – is designed to meet the need for safe, reliable and cost-effective content archiving, access and interchange.

Some of the facilities in New York that have chosen Cache-A for their content archiving needs include Anatomy Media, IKA Collective, Nice Shoes, Nomad Editing, Offhollywood Productions, PennyBridge Productions and Stitch Motion Graphics.

“We are delighted that so many leading post-production facilities in New York are embracing Cache-A’s archive appliances to enhance their file-based workflows,” said Phil Ritti, President and CEO of Cache-A Corporation. “They are using our archive appliances to create source masters in acquisition workflows that include memory card or disk-based cameras. At the same time, they get the benefit of long-term archival storage that gives them fast, easy access to their content assets at every stage of production.”

Here is a look at some of these facilities’ notable clients and projects:
  • Anatomy Media: Bravo, Discovery Channel, FX, NBC Universal, Science Channel
  • IKA Collective: Showtime, Trojans
  • Nice Shoes: CK Envy, Givenchy, NFL, UPS, Kanye West’s “Power” video
  • Nomad Editing: Apple, Gillette, Pepsi, TD Bank, Visa
  • Offhollywood Productions: Armani Exchange, Fair Game, Rabbit Hole
  • PennyBridge Productions: MasterCard, Pfizer, T-Mobile, UBS, Verizon
  • Stitch Motion Graphics: Mountain Dew, MTV, The New School, Sports Illustrated

The Pro-Cache Product Family
The most cost-effective way to manage multiple terabytes of archived data in a professional media environment, Cache-A’s Pro-Cache5 offers many of the advanced on-set and in-studio features demanded by today’s media industry professionals for content archiving, interchange and access. Pro-Cache5 takes advantage of next generation technology to offer 1.5 terabytes (TB) of storage per LTO-5 cartridge, while also providing significantly faster archiving speeds. It writes data on low-cost, secure, portable, interchangeable and IT industry-standard LTO-5 tape cartridges using the standard “tar” format, and the archive life is 30 years.

Now, to simplify the archiving of large projects, the new Pro-Cache Library24/Library48 works with both Pro-Cache5 and Pro-Cache4 models to automate archival workflows and provide the ultimate in dual drive system flexibility. Two LTO drives means concurrent access to both Pro-Cache Library24/Library48 and Pro-Cache5 shelf-stored tape volumes for twice the archiving power. The Pro-Cache Library24 provides 36 TB of near-line storage, while the Library48 provides 72 TB of near-line storage.

About Cache-A Corporation

Cache-A is a leading supplier of network-attached archive appliances for the digital film, broadcast and professional video industries. Cache-A’s archive appliances provide source masters for digital acquisition and project archives, using low-cost and easy-to-deploy appliances based on industry standard LTO tape. http://www.Cache-A.com


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