Technicolor & FilmLight Join Forces to Provide On-Location Color


Technicolor DP Lights™ Powered by Truelight to Launch at NAB

Last Updated: April 5, 2011 8:52 pm GMT
(Paris France, Hollywood California--April 5, 2011) Technicolor (Euronext Paris: TCH), a worldwide provider of production and post-production services, and FilmLight, a developer of film scanning, color grading and color management technology, today announced a technology alliance to grow their respective presence on motion picture and broadcast production sets, bringing together their respective industry leading color grading solutions.

Technicolor’s DP Lights™ system, and the color science behind it, are greatly empowered by its coupling with FilmLight’s Truelight technology, allowing cinematographers and DoP’s (Director of Photography), directors and their teams to expand the range of on-set color grading control by combining the unique strengths of both – in a single, portable on-location service.

Technicolor DP Lights is a color-correction and pre-visualization system that allows looks to be created in real-time during principal photography, aiding the DoP adjust for lighting and story subtleties, while capturing the full dynamic range of the camera’s image.

The alliance agreement between FilmLight and Technicolor will also greatly facilitate the ability of production rental companies that currently offer Truelight on-set technology to now offer Technicolor DP Lights(tm) as well.

“FilmLight is very pleased to partner with Technicolor in this initiative, which provides cinematographers with much-needed flexibility to create looks on set,” said Peter Postma, U.S. product manager for FilmLight.

“This alliance greatly expands the capabilities of both Technicolor’s DP Lights and Truelight,” noted Brian Gaffney, director of on-location services for Technicolor. “With the explosion of cinema-quality digital cameras in the market, DoPs are requesting additional tools to provide high quality dailies while capturing the full range from today’s log-based cameras. Technicolor’s DP Lights leveraging Truelight is the next logical step in this evolution.”

Because the system is fully compliant with the American Society of Cinematographer’s Color Decision List (ASC CDL), looks established on location flow downstream for color-corrected dailies. The ASC CDL is carried through editorial and to final DI color-correction for a more efficient post-production experience. The result is a new level of creative control for cinematographers and directors during principal photography and post.

Technicolor DP Lights includes film print emulation for productions designed for film-based and theatrical digital distribution. The film emulation was created by Technicolor’s color science team and calibrated across Technicolor’s labs and digital imaging facilities worldwide.

The DP Lights system will be demonstrated at the Codex Digital booth (C8615) at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada April 11-14

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