Autoscript Rise & Fall Motorized Robotic Stands Offer Speaker- And Operator-Friendly Solution For White Dog Productions


Last Updated: April 7, 2011 4:34 pm GMT
(Atlanta, Georgia--April 7, 2011) When it comes to finding reliable production gear, White Dog Productions selects equipment not only by quality, but also the company that stands behind it—before and after the sale. This is why, for the company’s teleprompter needs, White Dog Productions has been working with Autoscript (NAB Booth C6625), the world's leading teleprompting company and a Vitec Group brand, for the last 13 years.

“In every industry, the products you work with are important, but the people behind the products are more important, and Autoscript is no different,” says five-time Emmy award winner David Rhines, owner of White Dog Productions. “Autoscript is made up of a group of people who are not only there when it’s time to sell you a product, but who are also always willing to help after the sale is made. As an owner, the support is critical.”

Whether used on location at the Olympics, in-studio filming TBS’ Movie and a Makeover or at an event such as the NABEF’s Celebration of Service to America Awards, White Dog Productions has found Autoscript’s teleprompting units to be versatile and user-friendly. In addition to using Autoscript’s on-camera units, White Dog Productions uses Autoscript’s Rise & Fall Motorized Robotic Stands regularly for live events.

“When you have a number of speakers with pronounced height differences, the Rise & Fall is great because you can simply adjust and program the individual heights after getting the optimum viewing height during technical rehearsal,” says Rhines. “The information is then linked to the speaker’s script and adjusts as they come to the stage during the live event.”

Besides helping to automate the stage production process, the executive units are easy to set up and help to streamline power distribution on stage. Users can plug the teleprompter into any electrical outlet, which then distributes that same power to each of the prompters being used. “You really only need one power outlet on the stage in order to power all monitors you’re using,” says Rhines. “Not only are they speaker friendly, they’re operator friendly.”

White Dog Productions also utilizes Autoscript’s WinPlus Conference software when using Rise & Fall Motorized Robotic Stands, as it controls the automatic adjustments and easily manages the run order and cues within the WinPlus scripts—all based on the saved settings recorded during tech rehearsal.

“When it comes down to it, Autoscript is really well-dialed in to not only the equipment, but also customer feedback and research,” says Rhines. “The company incorporates all of its research that looks at what works and what doesn’t and then releases a new model that includes those very upgrades. Autoscript stays with its thumb on the ever-changing world of television technology and is always watching how to make its products better and improve customer service.”

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