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a unique hybrid solution for broadcasters transitioning to tapeless cameras

Last Updated: April 8, 2011 5:43 pm GMT
(London--April 8, 2011) The transition from tape to tapeless cameras, is something almost every major broadcaster is dealing with. For many it has been a somewhat more complex challenge than originally anticipated, due to the many changes in workflow and infrastructure required.

Simple questions like 'where to insert this card ?' have previously been answered with consumer and post-oriented answers such as flimsy card readers connected to the keyboards of edit systems rather than centralised broadcast-friendly answers. Also, the software workflow for ingesting card contents has been largely driven by post production, leading to overly complex steps to simply capture all the data.

Sienna TARO changes all of that, delivering a combination Software / Hardware solution for card-based-camera workflows. A rugged rack mount panel with card reader, status display and integrated video monitor combines with state of the art software to offer News and Sports broadcasters a one-click solution to card based ingest, play to air from card, and digital-shelf management.

Developed with support from the major camera manufacturers, three versions of the TARO hardware offer compatibility with the most common cameras - SxS, P2, and ExpressCard readers, to accept XDCam on SxS, XDCam EX on SxS and SD cards, P2, and various other formats. Integrated software codecs, with optional plug-ins deliver seamless support for the majority of cameras in current use.

Innovative (yet familiar) concepts in TARO provide broadcasters with an easy transition from traditional linear tape workflows - TARO virtualises memory cards into 'Virtual-Tapes' where clips are dynamically combined into a single asset, yet retain their individual bounds and metadata. A single asset for each set of 'story rushes' simplifies media management and archiving, and allows end to end playback of the 'virtual tape' directly from card to SDI, or transfer into a variety of supported media infrastructures as a single asset.

In addition to seamless integration with a larger SIENNA based workflow TARO is also designed to act as a front end for non-Sienna workflows, delivering content and metadata in a range of formats for Final Cut Server, MXF, GXF, and MPEG based environments, with scriptable delivery modes for incredible flexibility, proxies and much more.

Following critical testing by the BBC and other major broadcasters, Sienna TARO is ready for release at NAB 2011. The product will be shown at ISILON Systems, booth SL11614, and is available immediately from approved Sienna Systems Integrators worldwide.

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