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Last Updated: April 11, 2011 8:31 pm GMT
(NAB Las Vegas--April 11, 2011) ARRI Professional Camera Accessories (PCA) are renowned for solid design and rugged construction. Modular, reliable and made to perform with precision, these ARRI products support cameras from other manufacturers like the Sony F-3, Sony SRW 9000, Panasonic AG-AF 101, Panasonic AG3DA1, Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

New additions to our line-up of Professional Camera Accessories include:
  • New Kits on the Block
    In response to customers wishing to purchase a whole set of accessories in order to fully equip a camera, ARRI is now offering kits that group together related accessories in a cost-effective way. These new kits include dedicated packages for DSLR applications, as well as the Sony PMW F-3 and Panasonic AG-AF101. In addition to saving customers money, the new kits make ordering even more simple and convenient.

  • Mini Matte Box 2 (MMB-2)
    Compact, lightweight and affordable, the ARRI MMB-2 is a modular matte box system that can be configured to facilitate anything from basic to full professional setups. Designed for the DSLR and smaller video camera market, it is the first such matte box with integrated handgrips, giving operators maximum control and stability. The rear section fits directly onto Compact Primes and Master Primes, while a variety of adapter rings accommodate stills photo lenses and a newly designed filter frame accepts both 4” x 4” and round 4.5” filters. The MMB-2 is ideally combined with ARRI’s MBP-1 Mini Baseplate and MFF-1 Mini Follow Focus.

    The MMB-2 is now available with prices starting at $900.

  • Studio Follow Focus System (FF-5)
    Incorporating features of the popular FF-3 and FF-4 units, the ARRI FF-5 is the ultimate studio follow focus system. The FF-5 comes in two body types: HD and Cine. While the FF-5 HD has a 1:1 gear ratio that makes it perfect for ENG broadcast lenses, the FF-5 Cine shares the 1:2 gear ratio of the FF-4 and is designed to work with cine-style lenses. Focus knobs for the FF-5 include the hard-stop knob of the MFF-1, which permits focus pullers to keep their eyes on the action.

    A modified standard focus knob allows the possibility of using fingers as soft stops, while the two-speed focus knob of the FF-3 provides a third focus option for the modular FF-5 system.

    The FF-5 is available at the end of April.

About ARRI:
Located in Munich, Germany, Arnold and Richter Cine Technik (A&R) was founded in 1917 and is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of motion picture camera, digital intermediate and lighting equipment. In 2001, ARRI was converted into a public limited company; it is involved in all aspects of the film industry: engineering; design; manufacturing; production; visual effects; postproduction; equipment rental; complete turnkey lighting solutions and both film and sound laboratory services. Manufactured products and technologies include professional digital acquisition with the ALEXA and ARRIFLEX D-21 cameras; film camera systems for 16 mm, 35 mm and 65 mm; location and studio lighting fixtures; digital imaging solutions such as the ARRISCAN, ARRILASER and various archive tools. These products and services are offered through a global network of subsidiary companies, agents and representatives. For locations and more information please visit


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