Quantel introduces transparent workflow for XDCAM HD with sQ Fileflow


Tight integration delivers fast and easy transfers to and from Enterprise sQ

Last Updated: April 10, 2011 4:18 pm GMT
(NAB 2011--April 10, 2011) At NAB 2011 Quantel launched sQ Fileflow - a brand new workflow application for its successful Enterprise sQ News and Sports production systems. sQ Fileflow has been developed to meet many new customers' requirements for tight integration with XDCAM HD. sQ Fileflow enables fast and easy transfers of native XDCAM HD file assets into and out of Enterprise sQ systems.

Ingest of files is completely automatic. Files or streams arriving at the sQ Fileflow ingest watch folder are automatically moved into the Enterprise sQ system. sQ Fileflow's scalable architecture means that throughput can be matched to any need. Editing work can start as soon as the first frame arrives. Export of native files can be controlled manually with the Media Mover Manager, which allows control of priority on individual jobs, or automatically based on clip metadata.

sQ Fileflow uses Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to enable easy integration with third party systems using Web Services. It will also grow in capability to offer tighter workflow integration to new file formats in future.

"Enterprise sQ is all about integration and workflow," said Martin Mulligan, Quantel Sales and Marketing Director. "As ever-more customers want to use Enterprise sQ, it's important we offer the best workflow whatever their infrastructure. sQ Fileflow adds the best XDCAM HD workflow to Enterprise sQ, allowing even more customers to benefit from its unique fast turnaround capabilities."


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