Softron Media Services Certifies Blackmagic Design's New DeckLink Quad


New SDI Capture Card is the Perfect Complement for Host of OnTheAir Suite Solutions

Last Updated: April 25, 2011 7:27 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, NV--April 25, 2011) Las Vegas, NV, April 25, 2011 - Softron Media Services indicated today that the entire suite of OnTheAir Video and Movie Recorder products will work with the newly announced Blackmagic Design DeckLink Quad.

DeckLink Quad features four (4) independent SDI capture cards with independent bypass relays and watchdog timers, all designed into a single PCB that plugs into a single PCIe slot. DeckLink Quad is ideal for Softron customers who need multiple completely independent capture and playback streams in and out of a computer. Since there are four SDI inputs and four SDI outputs plus a common tri-sync/black burst reference, the DeckLink Quad appears as four independent SDI cards to the computer, but only uses a single PCI Express slot. Softron engineers have tested the latest Blackmagic Design drivers extensively and are extremely pleased with the performance of the Decklink Quad cards.

"The Decklink Quad is simply an awesome solution for customers requiring multiple ins and outs on a single Mac platform," said David Sanchez-Burr, Softron's Project Manager for Softron Media Services. "We have been testing the Decklink Quad for several weeks and are absolutely thrilled about it. So many of our customers require this type of product for use with our OnTheAir Suite of products because they want to have multiple redundant outputs when broadcasting. And for ingest, we can use our newly updated MovieRecorder application which now works on iPad to see four streams being captured on the one Decklink Quad card. We are extremely pleased that Blackmagic keeps delivering what Softron customers need!"

Softron Media Services expects that many customers looking to output multiple channels of video will take advantage of Softron's new OnTheAir Node with one or more DeckLink Quad cards. OnTheAir Node is designed for network use. One MacPro equipped with a single Decklink Quad card and the appropriate number of Softron OnTheAir Node licenses can provide up to four channels of broadcasting in either SD or HD and be controlled by any Mac on the network with either OnTheAir Live, the playlist manager that comes bundled with the OnTheAir Node application or with OnTheAir Manager, Softron's unique and powerful client server scheduling application. OnTheAir Node is completely scalable so multiple DeckLink Quad cards in multiple machines grows the number of outputs available across the network.

Softron's MovieRecorder ingest application will also support the DeckLink Quad. Using MovieRecorder Control, the four inputs on a single DeckLink Quad can be controlled from any Mac on the network as well for gang recording. Of course, more DeckLink Quads will add more outputs using OnTheAir Node or inputs using MovieRecorder across the network and will be accessible by all users.

OnTheAir Node is Softron's next generation playout and ingest engine for the Mac. It has been designed to be an inexpensive, reliable and customizable video server that uses existing off-the-shelf technology. OnTheAir Live is a playlist manager that comes bundled with OnTheAir Node and provides the user interface for adding media and controlling playback. OnTheAir Node is designed for network use and multiple licenses can be installed on any number of workstations in a network to output multiple different channels.

In addition to being controllable by OnTheAir Live, OnTheAir Node can be controlled through Telnet, an open, standards-based protocol used in a lot of broadcasting equipment. Softron Media Services has also announced that it will soon ship OnTheAir Manager, a scheduling application that will allow users to prepare scheduled programming for output from any of the nodes installed on the network.

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