Netstor TurboBox NA211A Tested by RME


Last Updated: June 13, 2011 5:19 pm GMT
(Taipei, Taiwan--June 13, 2011) Netstor Technology, a Taiwanese hardware manufacturer, provides a solution for operating up to three PCIe cards (e.g. audio card) in an external expansion case. The TurboBox NA211A can be connected both to laptops with an ExpressCard/34 interface card and to desktop computers with a PCIe interface card. Connection cables come in several lengths. This expansion can turn a laptop into a multitrack recorder with channel counts that would otherwise not be achievable. The TurboBox can be opened easily, and PCIe cards can be installed or removed without problems, allowing flexible setups.

Netstor TurboBox NA211A with both ExpressCard/34 and the PCIe variety has been tested by engineer of RME, a young German team of developers with a robust vision of creating innovative and user friendly digital audio solutions. ExpressCard/34 was tested with PC laptops, including Acer Extensa 5220. Operation with HDSPe MADI, RayDAT and AIO was flawless.

In addition, a test with two HDSPe MADI cards was performed on a current Mac Pro, both in Mac OS X and Windows 7, using Reaper and Sequoia v11. Both platforms allowed recording of 128 audio tracks (24 bit, 48 kHz) with no apparent problems. For further details about the test carried out by engineer of RME, please visit:

About Netstor
Netstor Technology focuses on the development of products on external SAS/SATA data storage and aims to provide users with reliable, cost-effective and high-performance SAS/SATA data backup solutions. Netstor develops complete storage product lines from desktop tower, 1U 4-bay to 4U 24-bay rackmount disk array enclosures. Netstor has worldwide distribution network covering IT, audio/video, telecom, DVR, CCTV, content creation as well as educational and scientific industries. For more information about Netstor, please visit 


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