16x9 Inc.’s Accessory Business is Changing


Last Updated: June 16, 2011 6:53 pm GMT
(Valencia, California--June 16, 2011) As of July 1st, 16x9 Inc. will no longer be the official US distributor for the Chrosziel product line. Over the past eleven years a cooperative relationship grew between the two companies. 16x9 Inc. took on the responsibility of US marketing and representation, steadily growing Chrosziel’s brand awareness, while also providing market feedback and design suggestions, leading Chrosziel to develop more innovative products to better meet the needs of the customer.

When the new owners of Chrosziel took the company in a different direction and chose to abruptly terminate the exclusive distributorship we were shocked and astonished, but this is not the end of 16x9 Inc. and Chrosziel’s relationship. Through an arrangement with the new US distributor, resellers and end users who wish to continue receiving excellent customer service and personal attention by buying Chrosziel products from 16x9 Inc. will still be able to do so.

For 16x9 Inc. this is also an opportunity to improve and grow new areas of our business. We recently debuted the new 16x9 Cine Lens Mount, which allows the use of PL lenses on E-mount and Micro 4/3-mount cameras. At Cine Gear we showed a working prototype of an innovative new universal baseplate and riser system, also developed by 16x9. In short, we aren’t getting out of the accessory business, not by a long shot. We are doubling down our development efforts and working on a brand new line of 16x9 products.

To those who have long known us as the source for Chrosziel products in the US, this announcement may seem like big news, but we are happy to say that there are even bigger announcements on the way. Stay tuned.


The Team at 16x9 Inc.


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