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Ntropic Collaborates With Aero Films On New Cricket Spot Via TPN

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News : Ntropic Collaborates With Aero Films On New Cricket Spot Via TPN

Last Updated: June 22, 2011 5:47 pm GMT
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(Los Angeles & San Francisco--June 22, 2011) Led by Creative Directors Simon Mowbray and Andrew Sinagra, Ntropic contributed visual effects/cg and editorial for a new Cricket Communications spot via ad agency TPN. Collaborating with Aero Films’ Director Klaus Obermeyer, the creative team utilized the proprietary gyro-stabilized aerial camera system -- the Klaus Cam -- from Aero Films.

Ntropic Collaborates With Aero Films On New Cricket Spot Via TPN

Client: Cricket Communications

Agency: TPN
Agency Producer: Cheryl Lindquist
Agency AD/CD: Eric Ehrlich
Agency AD/CW: Anthony Massa

Production Company: Aero Films
Director: Klaus Obermeyer
Executive Producer: Lance O’Connor
Head of Production: Rob Helphand

Visual Effects/CG/Post Company: Ntropic
Creative Director: Simon Mowbray
Creative Director: Andrew Sinagra
Executive Producer: Dana Townsend
Post Producer: Melissa Warhaftig
Editor: Alan Chimenti
Assistant Editor: Matt O’Donnell
Maya: Kevin Clarke
Maya: Deb Santosa
AE: Tali Oliver
AE/Maya: Paul Fuller
Inferno VFX: Simon Mowbray

Music track: One Day by Matisyahu
Recorded/Mix: Jason Rizzo @ Element 79 Partners
Recorded/Mix and Sound Design: Matthew Zipkin

About Ntropic:
Ntropic draws its strength from a diverse background of creative talent. Assembling a global community of artists in multiple locations, the studio has built a creative collective with strengths in all facets of production and post-production ranging from conceptual design and motion graphics to photo-real CG and seamless compositing. Ntropic focuses on elegant, intelligent, and conceptual visual effects producing award-winning work for commercials, music videos, feature films, experiential theaters, and interactive content.

As industry mediums rapidly change, Ntropic maintains a foothold on the bleeding edge of technology... leading the charge into a new era of entertainment media. The studio removes the mystery from the black box of technology and operates as a creative hub for directors and agencies to converge and collaborate without limitation.

Ntropic’s creative directors thrive on the unique challenges of production and work closely with the creative team to concept, visualize, and realize their artistic vision. Offering innovative solutions for otherwise impossible tasks, Ntropic inspires artists and filmmakers to expand the horizons of possibility.

The studio’s objective is to create an inspirational environment for artists and clients to come together and not worry about the how, but stay focused on creating the most fascinating and innovative work to date.

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