Pro Maintenance Tools maintains, optimizes and troubleshoots non-linear editing applications


Pro Maintenance Tools helps keep Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere running smoothly

Last Updated: July 12, 2011 7:41 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--July 12, 2011) Digital Rebellion LLC today announced the availability of Pro Maintenance Tools, a suite of 18 utilities designed to maintain, optimize and troubleshoot non-linear editing applications including Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac.

Pro Maintenance Tools is the successor to FCS Maintenance Pack, a Final Cut Studio-only tool that has solved countless Final Cut Studio problems and is in use at many of the major broadcasters in the USA, Europe and Australia. It has been used on projects including NCIS:LA, Cougar Town and Workaholics.

Pro Maintenance Tools contains tools to repair corrupt QuickTime movies, locate corrupt clips within project files or media directories, diagnose crash logs, manage plugins, repair Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro X projects, manage autosaves, salvage movie data from corrupt files, and much more.

Show-stopping problems always seem to occur right on a deadline – Pro Maintenance Tools is designed to rapidly diagnose and fix common issues, ensuring users get back on track as quickly as possible. With the Task Scheduler utility, maintenance tasks can even be scheduled to run in the background for complete autonomy.

The applications in the suite include:
  • Autosave Manager - Flexible autosave management offering automatic archival or removal based on criteria including age and file size.

  • Compressor Repair - Repairs the fragile link between Compressor and Qmaster.

  • Corrupt Clip Finder - Automatically locates corrupt clips in a project, saving hours of manual reconnecting.

  • Crash Analyzer - Analyzes your editing application crash logs, attempts to diagnose the cause of the crash and suggests ways to solve the problem.

  • CS Repair - Fixes common problems with Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • FCS Remover - Removes Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro X, Express and Server. Can remove the entire suite or individual applications.

  • Housekeeper - Trashes various caches and temporary files to keep your editing application in peak operating condition. Housekeeper is even more useful when used in conjunction with Task Scheduler to run these tasks automatically.

  • MC Repair - Fixes common problems with Avid Media Composer.

  • Media Salvage - Extracts video and audio data from corrupt movie clips and places it into a new file.

  • Path Manager - Manages the locations of scratch and content directories on your system. It can inform you if the extra content that ships with Final Cut Studio is missing or invalid and allow you to easily move and synchronize content.

  • Plugin Manager - Allows you to quickly and easily organize your editing system plugins. You can group them together, install new plugins and selectively enable and disable them - all without having to worry about where the plugins are physically located on disk.

  • Preference Manager - Manages Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro preference files. Allows you to trash, backup, lock and restore preferences. Can also be configured to restore a particular set of preferences before a certain Final Cut Pro project is launched for per-project settings.

  • Project Repair - Attempts to repair non-launching Final Cut Pro and FCPX projects and events so that they can be opened again.

  • QT Repair - Verifies, repairs and rebuilds the structure of QuickTime movies. Also repairs invalid CLUT IDs and restore trimmed media. For more heavily damaged files, it can insert frames from the damaged file into the structure of a working file.

  • QuickFix - Performs common troubleshooting tasks with just one button press, allowing you to get back to work quicker than ever. This should be your first port of call when things go wrong.

  • System Toolkit - Numerous tools for tweaking and optimizing your system.

  • XML Repair - Repairs invalid Final Cut Pro XML files and can convert XML files to different XMEML versions for compatibility with earlier versions of Final Cut Pro.
Pro Maintenance Tools is $139 for a single license and $39 for an upgrade from FCS Maintenance Pack ($29 until August 1st 2011).
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About Digital Rebellion
Digital Rebellion LLC specializes in workflow tools for post production professionals. Our other products include Pro Media Tools – a must-have tool for processing and managing media in Final Cut Studio, Avid and Adobe Premiere - and Cut Notes, an iPad app for taking timecode notes during a screening.

Our products are used daily by Fortune 500 companies and studios on projects including NCIS:Los Angeles, Cougar Town and Workaholics.

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