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High Quality Native HD Professional Video Monitoring Just Became Much More Affordable

Last Updated: August 4, 2011 5:36 pm GMT
(Suwanee, Georgia--August 4, 2011) Flanders Scientific is setting a new standard in affordable, native HD, professional video monitoring solutions with the introduction of two new monitors: the 21.5" LM-2140W and the 23" LM-2340W. Both units feature native 1920x1080 resolution IPS LCD panels with ultra-efficient LED backlights and standard 3G/HD/SD-SDI as well as Component, Composite, and DVI-I Inputs for support of virtually any video format including NTSC/PAL, 4:4:4 signals, 2K, and 1080p50/60 sources.

Additionally, these monitors feature the same advanced video processing hardware found on our top of the line monitors ensuring that practically any broadcast standard signal, even interlaced or PsF formats, will be displayed accurately. And here is the best part, the LM-2140W costs just $2,495 and the LM-2340W costs just $2,995. That's right, native 1920x1080 resolution, 3Gbps SDI, high quality video processing, efficient LED backlighting, and a truly advanced feature set all for under $3,000!

These monitors come with many standard broadcast monitor features like Blue Only, MonoChrome, Markers, Safety Areas, & Tally Lights and like all FSI monitors also come standard with advanced features like our 12 Mode Scopes, Focus Assist, Time Code Display, Freeze Frame Picture and Picture, Audio Disembedding, and Audio Level Meter features.

The LM-2140W and LM-2340W were purpose built as full-featured low cost monitoring solutions for environments that do not require the Grade 1 performance and color fidelity of FSI's flagship 10 bit 24" reference monitor, the LM-2461W. While not equipped with the advanced Color Fidelity Engine found on the LM-2461W these units are still fully calibrated and will offer sufficient color accuracy for general color judgment in a wide array of less critical professional monitoring applications. For advanced color grading environments or other very color-critical workflows FSI highly recommends our top of the line LM-2461W reference grade monitor, but for virtually every other general video monitoring application the LM-2140W and the slightly larger LM-2340W are an ideal choice at an unbeatable price.

The LM-2140W and LM-2340W are also incredibly capable field monitoring options thanks to their durable yet lightweight aluminum frames and ultra-efficient LED backlights. At just 9lbs (LM-2140W) or 10lbs (LM-2340W) these units are not only lighter than most comparably sized professional broadcast monitors, but even weigh several pounds less than the majority of 17" broadcast monitors on the market. Additionally at just 28 Watts (LM-2140W) or 30 Watts (LM-2340W) power consumption these units are some of the most efficient full-featured native 1920x1080 resolution broadcast monitors at any size.

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Pre-Order by August 24th for Big Savings
Save $500 on the LM-2140W and $600 on the LM-2340W by Pre-Ordering!

At under $3,000 the LM-2140W and LM-2340W are already affordable monitoring solutions for units with standard 3Gbps SDI inputs, native 1920x1080 resolution, 12 scope modes that work across all inputs, audio disembedding, and audio level meters. However, if you pre-order by August 24th you will receive a special introductory price of just $1,995 for the LM-2140W and $2,395 for the LM-2340W. That is a savings of $500 to $600 on already well priced 3Gbps SDI monitors! Units will begin shipping at the end of this month on a first come first served basis so get your order in soon at to take advantage of this introductory offer.

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