Brickyard VFX Transforms for Bright House Networks


Last Updated: August 15, 2011 8:16 pm GMT
(Santa Monica, California--August 15, 2011) Artist owned and operated bi-coastal effects boutique Brickyard VFX recently completed a four-spot package for Bright House Networks, via agency Fry Hammond Barr and director Benji Weinstein of GO FILM. The campaign, featuring spots “Robot”, “Custodian,” “Bedtime”, and “Paper Towel,” began airing in select U.S. markets in August.

Brickyard designed and animated a photo-real CG robot that transforms from a small child’s toy into an iron giant in “Robot.” Inspired from blockbuster films such as “Iron Man” and “Transformers”, Brickyard’s CG team was challenged to design this quick metamorphosis within the :30 spot that featured sheet metal outer layers as well as the detailed inner working mechanics.

In “Custodian,” Brickyard animated multiple robotic arms in CG that were seamlessly composited onto a zamboni-like cleaning machine in an office hallway.

Brickyard VFX Lead Artist Patrick Poulatian explains, “We matched our CG model using a plastic toy robot that GO FILM fabricated for the shoot as reference to fully animate and seamlessly resolve into the practical robot suit. This process included animating elements like the shoulders and chest plates and adding CG mechanical cladding to the practical-suited robot for continued impact.”

Brickyard’s turnaround time for the four spots was roughly five weeks. Their toolkit included Autodesk Maya and Flame.

About Brickyard VFX
Brickyard is a digital production studio skilled in high-end visual effects, animation, design and creative development for advertising, feature films and emerging media. With shops in Boston and Santa Monica, Brickyard is artist-centric at the core fostering a close collaboration of not only artist to director but the entire creative team. Within a cozy eclectic production space, Brickyard assembles its crew of designers, animators, and compositors customized for every project. Please contact Kirsten with Brickyard VFX Atlantic (617) 262-3220 or Jeff with Brickyard VFX Pacific at (310) 453-5722, or visit


Client: Bright House Networks
Spots: “Custodian,” “Robot,” “Bedtime,” “Paper Towel”

Agency: Fry Hammond Barr
Creative Director: John Logan
Art Director: Sean Brunson
Producer: Jessica Correnti
Group Account Director: Scott Ankerholz

Production Company: GO FILM
Director: Benji Weinstein
Director of Photography: Brendan Steacy
Executive Producer: Jonathan Weinstein
Executive Producer: Gary Rose
Producer: Greg Jones
Production Supervisor: Desiree Laufasa
Assistant Production Supervisor: Taeko Masuyama

Editorial: 2150 Editorial
Editor: Michael Coe
Senior Art Director: Carmen Cothern
Smoke Artist: Mike Nonelle
Executive Producer: Michael Charves

Visual Effects: Brickyard VFX, Santa Monica
VFX Lead Artist: Patrick Poulatian
VFX Artist: Mandy Sorenson
VFX Artist: Chris Sonia
VFX Artist: Evan Paras
CG Lead: David Blumenfeld
CG Artist: Carl Harders
CG Artist: Kim Guedin
CG Artist: Brian Lee
CG Artist: Randy Sharp
Producer: Linda Jackson
Executive Producer: Jeff Blodgett
Head of Production: Diana Young Gomez


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