Mooradian’s “Happily Divorced” Chooses Vinten Support


Last Updated: August 17, 2011 5:12 pm GMT
(Valley Cottage, New York--August 17, 2011) Vinten, a Vitec Group brand, announces that George Mooradian ASC has selected Vinten Vector series heads and peds for his new series for TV Land. “I couldn’t do Fran Drescher’s new situation comedy ‘Happily Divorced’, without Vinten support,” says cinematographer George Mooradian ASC. “I couldn’t make Fran’s gesticulations as atmospheric and expansive without the Vintens working on the set.

“Our lighting is low, so we can dig into Fran’s eyes which may be tough on operators but the Vinten is in control of the situation and aids us in delivering crisp compositions right on the edge of no-man’s-land – where we like to be – that area between reality and fantasy. Tight and tighter are dangers on multi-camera, as is shooting off the set, but that never happens with Vinten working the space. We can go up, down, all around – almost making the play in 4:4 time – melodious, euphonic, mellifluous – meaning we can give the three-wall sets the feeling of four. I don’t center punch shots. I cultivate the shot and add the Vinten flair to fertilize the 3D space. Vinten is my green grocer!”

Mooradian says he’s relied on Vinten for years, crediting the support for his crew’s ability to often make difficult moves for his past series “The Bill Engvall Show” and “According to Jim”. “When I’m doing multi-camera with Vinten Vector heads with peds I don’t need to use different heads, he says. “I can get my sweeping and far-reaching angles all in one. No tilt plates required.
“Vinten is always able to smoothly operate the camera and do all the other impossible functions that pedestal operators miraculously manage. We can easily boom up and down, dolly, zoom, pull-focus. It’s like patting your stomach and rubbing your head squared. Vinten is a powerful part of my visual manifesto and tools.”

After nearly 2 decades of heavy use, the Vector 70’s are till working hard on Mooradian’s latest sitcom. Today’s newest model, the Vector 75 offers the same performance features and then some, including patented LF drag for complete control at any zoom length, expanded infinitely adjustable counterbalance for camera systems up to 165 lbs/75kg, retractable “T” bar slide plate positioner providing 13”/33cm of camera platform movement, and the blue illuminated LED level bubble providing high contrast in any light.

“Happily Divorced” starring (co-created and produced) by Fran Drescher, is the story of a woman who shares her home with her gay ex-husband. It airs weekly on TVLand.

For further information, please go to or contact: Vinten, 709 Executive Blvd., Valley College, NY 10989, Phone: 1 888 2 Vinten, Fax: 845-268-0113, Email:


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