Transition Productions Increases Avid Unity MediaNetwork with Arsenal Storage Solutions’ Protected RAID Array


Last Updated: August 18, 2011 7:07 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--August 18, 2011) Transition Productions, an award winning bi-coastal production company, which produces, directs, and edits film and television projects for their ever increasing pedigree of clients, tapped into Arsenal Storage Solutions’ M1-A2 RAID-5 protected add-on Unity storage to help manage the growth of their HD media projects.

Transition produces anywhere from 4-5 projects, at any given time, with a vast range of short and long form final deliverables. Everything from large scale multi camera live event coverage to specialty based multi format commercial campaigns. Recent projects include X Games and US Open of Surfing Festival to shorter high-end adventure based commercials for MTV, Nike, Quiksilver, and Nissan to name a few. The raw HD media associated with all of this can add-up quickly, especially when you use mirroring on the Unity. We needed a solution that protected our media but did not require more hard drive space. The hardware RAID-5 of the Arsenal unit gave us great performance, reliability, and the parity we needed. Arsenal increased our usable storage space by over 80%, which is huge for us during these times when we need to make every dollar count on all our projects.

Kemp Curley, Transition’s renowned director, producer, and editor, required not only the additional storage but also a rugged chassis that could handle abuse. “When we do some of these productions we might take an Arsenal chassis on location and digitize directly to them from an array of cameras. These storage units are definitely solid, and are modular in nature, which can come in handy if something should get damaged shipping them around as much as we do.” “I like the optional UPS battery backup integrated in the unit as well, it saves us the need to ship an external UPS just for the storage.”

Another great feature of Arsenal’s products is the GUI front panel interface, providing temperature of the unit’s controller cards, power supplies, and the status of all the components, as well as an operational status of the drives. This makes it very easy for our technicians to quickly check-up on the units general stability and performance, which is extremely helpful when you’re under the gun on a production deadline.

Arsenal Storage has created the most affordable add-on storage solution for the Avid Unity around. Each unit includes enterprise class drives, a warranty unsurpassed by its competitors, and service that is truly the best around.

The Arsenal M1-A2 16-bay, and the M1-A1 24-bay, RAID arrays are ideal cost saving solutions for adding storage to any Avid Unity v4.x to v5.x system, or to an Apple Xsan. If you’re in need of a standalone unit, with high throughput, then the M1-A3 12-bay RAID array is a perfect choice. All these units include redundant power supplies, dual channel 4Gb fibre connects, hardware RAID, and rackmount kits. One optional feature available on all units is a built in UPS. Configurations include as little as 8TB to as much as 48TB per chassis.

About Transition Productions
Transition Productions was founded in New York City in 1998 by Kevin Harrison and Kemp Curley. In the early stages of its creation, Transition’s focus was primarily in the alternative world of action sports and music based production. Over the years as the company grew and made a name for itself, the Transition team’s expertise expanded into multiple genres of film and TV production including commercials, feature films, documentaries, reality television, live performance, and live webcasts. The client list is wide ranging and includes Nissan, Mountain Dew, Puma, Universal Pictures, MTV, ABC Sports, ESPN, X Games, Major League Soccer, Quiksilver, Mark Burnett Productions, and Virgin Records.

About Arsenal Storage Solutions™
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, our products have earned us professional relationships and accolades from major film studios and television networks throughout the country as well as top tier independent content creators.

The Arsenal Storage Solutions™ lines of products have been developed by trade experts with one goal in mind: hardware that allows artistic professionals maximum creative time by providing them with the most reliable storage in the industry

The RAID ready solutions are tailored for multi-stream, multi-client, uncompressed SD/HD/2K real time production workflows. They support multiple users on the Avid Unity line of products to store massive HD content and fulfill the needs of unpredictable capacity growth. Our solutions react to the need for performance and cost concern for small to mid-sized production houses and perfectly match the trend to archive content digitally.

Contact Arsenal Storage Solutions via email at or by phone at (310) 773-3877.


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