Marquise Technologies to unveil the world’s first color grading solution with real-time image restoration at IBC 2011


Last Updated: August 25, 2011 7:30 pm GMT
(Geneva, Switzerland--August 25, 2011) Marquise Technologies will present at IBC 2011, in world premiere, the first fully featured color grading station with real-time image degrain/denoise, stabilization and dust/scratch concealment features.

R A I N, Marquise Technologies’ flagship solution for color grading now integrates Cintel’s imageMill2 board. This hardware platform allows the parallel processing, in real-time, of the restoration dedicated applications GRACE, STEADY and ORIGIN on 2K images, and up to 8 fps in 4K. R A I N adds up to theses brilliant technologies its savoir faire in terms of image processing and intelligent color correction.

With this new set of tools, R A I N is the unique solution on the market to provide not only color correction but real-time capabilities for image cleaning for vital operations like chroma-keying, tracking, and much more. From film scans to noise from the digital cameras at 2K or 4K resolution, R A I N handles all the difficult cases with ease.

A full speed grading workflow from image ingest to image out R A I N allows the immediate work on any type of image native format (ARRI Alexa, RED, Canon 5D…) in 2D or Stereo3D. In addition to high-level grading capabilities, like the multi-point tracker or the dedicated curves for Highlights, Midtones & Shadows, R A I N has a multiplicity of handy tools to gain time when grading:
  • A new Versioning mode, to memorize up to 9 versions of a clip
  • The innovative StoryBoard mode, allowing the easy creation of up to 32 groups of sequences to grade them as an ensemble
  • The QuickStore, for an immediate access to the grades stored in the Grade Library
  • and of course the enhanced GradeLibrary to access to any grade memorized, whatever the project is.

GRACE, STEADY and ORIGIN parameters fully benefits from these features and can be applied, modified, saved and retrieved like any type of color correction available in R A I N.

Laurence Stoll, CEO of Marquise Technologies comments: "from its beginning R A I N’s philosophy is the ability to work in real-time all the time. No pre-rendering, caching, but actual real-time. When coming to image restoration, a software option does mean time-consuming rendering, something we want to avoid in our products. The imageMill2 board matches perfectly our paradigm in offering unbeaten processing performance and excellent results. R A I N's capabilities are unique on the market".

imageMill2 Applications are available in the turn-key configuration HEAVY R A I N, and will be demonstrated on Marquise Technologies’ booth 7.K25 at IBC 2011.

R A I N is also part of the “Film2Film” 2K/4K Image Restoration Workflow Packages Cintel offers for Film archives and restoration companies. A full workflow, including R A I N will be demonstrated on Cintel’s booth 7.B35.

To visit Marquise Technologies at IBC 2011:
Hall 7 – booth 7.K25
To get registered for a demo: contact[at]


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