Chrosziel at IBC 2011: Polystyrene, Aladin MK II and the Carbon Age


Last Updated: August 30, 2011 6:03 pm GMT
(August 30, 2011) Chrosziel will introduce many product upgrades and innovations at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam.

New Chrosziel 19mm carbon tubes and MB 456 with RED Epic

These are some of the highlights:

Carbon tubes substantially reduce weight of supports and bridge plates

The carbon age is here: Chrosziel introduces carbon tubes for supports and bridge plates, precision-made in Germany to Chrosziel specifications. As of now, carbon replaces steel as the material of choice for all 15 mm tubes. For supports and bridge plates with 19 mm mounts you can chose between steel tubes or carbon tubes, which come at a price premium of about 25%. In 19 mm tubes, carbon reduces weight by more than 80% (122 g compared to 648 g), while offering the same lifting capacity.

Chrosziel‘s CF tubes made from carbon fibre are the ideal match for RED‘s Epic 19 mm mount in combination with the MatteBox 456 Academy.

Aladin MK II transmitter now features joystick and display
Chrosziel keeps adding innovations to Aladin MK II, its new remote lens control. The transmitter on the handheld now can be fully operated with a joystick. An embedded display enhances the user experience. A spectrum analyzer checks the radio environment and helps to make sure that transmitter and receiver of the Aladin MK II operate on the same frequency. Just as the receiver, the transmitter now too features a USB connection to facilitate data exchange and upgrades. The new receiver of the Aladin MK II already was introduced at the NAB show. It offers stereo 3-D functions and its settings can be adjusted using the built-in display and foil keyboard.

MatteBox 602 gets polystyrene housing
For more than a year now, Chrosziel has used polystyrene housings for its smaller MatteBoxes with excellent results, especially regarding viscoplasticity and cold resistance. Now polystyrene housings will be used for Chrosziel‘s flagship matte box as well: The MB 602 for filter size 6.6 x 6.6“, height adjustable for 19 mm tubes, including swing-away system and 4x filter stage. In keeping with the tradition introduced with the smaller matte boxes, the new housings will come in carbon finish.

proVideo handlebars with increased size
Chrosziel has redesigned the proVideo handlebars, making both the 180 mm and the 220 mm versions longer, thicker and even more slip-resistant. The price remains unchanged.

Light-weight supports LWS and HDCF for Sony NEX-FS100 and Panasonic AG-AF100
As with the Sony F3, Chrosziel now offers three types of light-weight support for the new Sony NEX-FS100 and Panasonic AG-AF100 cameras:

  • the standard light-weight support featuring 205 mm aluminum tubes of 15 mm diameter;
  • the HD version featuring split aluminum tubes and an additional mount at the rear end of the support. The basic tube is 260 mm long and can be extended for accessories using an additional 190 mm tube;
  • the HDCF version to carry a recorder, battery, hand grips and shoulder support. The 500 mm Chrosziel carbon tube reduce weight and securely hold accessories in front of and behind the camera. The tube‘s thread is compatible with all Chrosziel tube extensions, whether they are carbon or aluminum.

19mm bridge plate set for cameras with standard mounting
For cameras with standard mounting like Arri‘s ALEXA, Chrosziel offers a special 19mm bridge plate set (401-121CFKIT), containing the basic mounting stage, the bridge plate featuring 19mm mounts, a pair of Chrosziel carbon tubes and the Chrosziel QuickLock plate. The QuickLock plate has an exceptionally tight grip on the camera and at the same time allows for quickly positioning the camera onto the shoulder.

Visit us at IBC 2011 in Hall 11, Stand 11.E65


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