XDT Announces Version 3.2 Of Its Unique Catapult® Suite At IBC 2011


Revolutionizing Networked Media Transfers and Review for local and wide area workflows

Last Updated: September 9, 2011 8:32 pm GMT
(Melbourne, Australia--September 9, 2011) XDT Pty. Ltd., a developer of advanced software-based solutions for post production and digital film, is introducing version 3.2 of its flagship Catapult suite of products, including new additions to the product family and several groundbreaking enhancements to the Catapult Protocol at IBC2011.

Catapult 3.2 is immediately available worldwide.

Redefining networked media transfers and review, the Catapult suite of products delivers unprecedented point-to-point performance by utilizing standard networking infrastructure. The Catapult protocol addresses the shortcomings of common network protocols and bridges the gap between local and wide area transfers which extends to film scanning and remote review of uncompressed frame sequences.

XDT is the only company offering a fast transfer protocol that integrates with both Arriscan film scanners and Autodesk StoneFS arrays.

An Arri customer can scan directly to Catapult Servers taking pressure off their SAN, with the added benefit of being able to perform instant review for QA on the actual uncompressed DPX frames during the scan from a standard PC workstation without high-end storage. This allows for new groundbreaking workflows where (for example) customers can have a scanner in one location and scan to a Catapult Server with storage (Catapult 2K), and a DOP in another location can review the uncompressed frames directly over their 10Gb WAN connection in realtime or scan directly to a Catapult-enabled SAN in any remote location. A Stone FS user can run Catapult Server directly on its Flames or Smokes to ingest file based media quickly.

Features include:
  • Catapult Server for Windows and Mac platforms. Users are not limited to one platform. They can distribute media to other locations without double handling. Mac users who don’t have Windows or Linux can front-end their XSan to take pressure off their main storage and move data around their facility efficiently.

  • Redesigned cross-platform Slingshot transfer client including watch-folders, scheduled transfers and image preview. The UI is now more powerful, and with watch folder and scheduled transfers for automated / unattended workflows over both LAN and WAN: for example, automated dailies workflows between NY and LA and London, or even Santa Monica and Hollywood. With image preview users can preview DPX frames and get meta data information before transferring, which is extremely important in frame-based (visual) workflows.

  • New 40TB expansion option for Catapult 2K. A new cost-effective 40TB expansion option for Catapult turnkey systems to provide up to 80TB in a single namespace. Catapult 2K is the ideal ‘frame-hub’ in a facility.

  • Comprehensive auditing features. The user auditing feature provides a comprehensive report on what each user has transferred. This can be used for forensic reporting, such as determining who leaked the trailer on YouTube before it was due to be released, or for customer billing purposes where reports can be exported and attached to the invoice.

  • JPEG2000 transit compression of uncompressed sequences providing WAN transfers of up to double or 10-fold the amount of frames over existing links. Companies that do not have large WAN capabilities can now compress DPX files in transit to increase their bandwidth to double for mathematically lossless compression or increase it by 10-fold for DCI lossy compression for dailies workflows. A customer with a 100 Mbit (mega bit) connection is able to attain 200Mbit-1Gbit worth of transfer value, maintaining full bit integrity and DPX header information.

“XDT focuses solely on high-end frame transfer and review solutions for post-production and digital film”, says Erik Otto, CEO at XDT. “Catapult Server is addressing current file-based network and disk bottlenecks more efficiently than any other solution available. Our software is sequence aware and has been designed to solve disk fragmentation caused by out-of-order block writes, which the industry requires due to the increasing complexity of film-making. We’re pleased to introduce this new version to the international community at IBC 2011.”

About XDT Pty Ltd:
XDT Pty. Ltd. is a developer of advanced software-based solutions for digital film. Its unique Catapult technology redefines media transfers over local and wide area networks for digital intermediate and post-production workflows. Catapult delivers unprecedented performance for point-to-point media transfers and high resolution uncompressed frame review over standard networking infrastructure. XDT’s Catapult suite of products has quickly gained global recognition throughout the industry.

For further information, contact XDT Pty Ltd, tel: +61 (0) 3 9549 1120; fax: +61 (0) 3 9549 1199, info@xdt.com.au, http://www.xdt.com.au


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