STORY Signs Director/Cinematographer Robb Fischer


Last Updated: September 14, 2011 7:48 pm GMT
(September 14, 2011) Robb Fischer has signed with STORY for exclusive, national representation as a commercial director. Fischer is known for directing award-winning spots that feature emtional storytelling, and for strong visual spots with complelling imagery. He recently completed his first two projects for STORY, a Kemps ice cream spot and a 7-spot package for healthcare educator Sanford-Brown.

Joining STORY marks the first time that Fischer (pictured right), who is also a nationally-recognized cinematographer, has had a formal affiliation with a production company for directing work. Previously, he worked as an independant director and DP. His credits include recent campaigns for Citgo, Element Mobile and Wisconsin Tourism (with Monk star Tony Shalhoub), as well as a public service announcement for the Candies Foundation featuring Bristol Palin.

He also directed a campaign for the Belize Tourism Board that included a 14-day shoot in the Central American country. A public service announcement that he directed for the City of Milwaukee Health Department on the dangers of mothers “co-sleeping” with their infant children was recently featured in Communication Arts magazine. Fischer also has an extremely extensive list of DP credits including several Super Bowl spots for Go Daddy.

As a director, Fischer’s strength is in recreating real-life situations, often while working with real people. His work for Citgo, for example, presents an affectionate portrait of Milford, Connecticut and includes vignettes involving a café, a barber shop and a high school football game.

Fischer’s calls his style “controlled documentary.” “I like the feel and the magic of home movies, things that are found and not staged,” he explains. “I’m always striving for that.”

The Kemps Ice Cream spot that he directed for STORY and Minneapolis agency Periscope features a cow taking a tour of Lambeau Field in Green Bay. A trained bovine was brought into the stadium and, after touring a sky box, viewing the Packers’ four Super Bowl trophies and Hall of Fame memorablia, grazes on the perfectly manicured sacred grass of Lambeau.

The 7 spots for Sanford-Brown tell the personal stories of seven individuals whose lives were transformed after attending the college. The spots were cut at The Whole Story with editor Brian Clark. Each spot features a unique, seamless transition effect that was created with a combination of a repeatable camera move and post production magic from visual effects artist Chris Ryan.

STORY is represented is represented on the East Coast by Laura Zinn (212) 741-0909; in the Midwest by Dawn Ratcliffe (312) 491-9194, in the Southeast by Miller Associates, (954) 563-6004; in the Southwest by Gossip!, (214) 288-2813 and on the West Coast by Kelley Class, (310) 823-9808.


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