Sonic Union Creates Kitty Zen For Cat’s Pride®


Last Updated: September 16, 2011 11:04 pm GMT
(September 16, 2011) NY-based audio post house Sonic Union and The Moving Picture Company director Jake Mengers transform the trials of pet ownership into a day at the spa in this new :30 “Kitty Massage” for Cat’s Pride® out of Doner, Detroit. The spot features a woman fatigued from hauling heavy kitty litter, who is later granted relief by a professional massage from her cat in addition to a second :30 “Pass Out Cat” which features a cat passing out from the foul scent of a generic litter brand, later revived by a much more energetic Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light™ litter user.

“Kitty Massage” opens with a woman hauling what appears to be a 28 pound bag of cat litter as a voiceover begins, “For years you’ve struggled with heavy cat litter.” As the woman rubs her shoulders, the voiceover continues, “And you’ve found ways to cope.” We cut to shots of a cat setting a calming atmosphere, turning on soothing music and lighting candles. Then you see the woman laying on a massage table with the cat expertly pulling out all the stops for a spa-style massage. The cat wipes sweat off its brow, and the voiceover states, “But now, there’s new Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light™.” We see the Fresh & Light™ container being tipped up on a scale by the generic brand with the voiceover, “It’s special blend not only absorbs odor-causing enzymes, it’s up to 25% lighter with the same number of uses of other clumping litters.” Both the woman and cat are relaxing with facial masks as the voiceover goes on, “Less work for you and your cat.” The spot concludes with the Fresh & Light™ container accompanied by the voiceover, “New Fresh & Light™. Changing Litter for Good™.”

Sonic Union Creates Kitty Zen For Cat’s Pride®

Sonic Union, New York was a concept born in 2008 between lauded mixers Michael Marinelli and Steve Rosen, and Managing Director Adam Barone. The team set out to create the finest audio shop in New York, while also maintaining a family-like feel in a location that reflected—and supported—client comfort, natural light and the artists’ unwavering love of the craft. Three years later, Sonic Union’s work has won top awards, their employees and clients play together after work, and its architecturally significant space overlooking the trees of Union Square has become a home-away-from-home for everyone who mixes there.

Sonic Union continues to evolve, pulling in on-staff, veteran voiceover casting director, Maria Pappalardo, and expanding its motion graphics and VFX capabilities. Come in and check out the state of our Union…

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Cat’s Pride is manufactured and marketed by Oil-Dri Corporation of America. Oil-Dri Corporation of America is the world’s largest manufacturer of cat litter. “Cat’s Pride” is a registered trademark of Oil-Dri Corporation of America. “Fresh & Light” and “Changing Litter for Good” are trademarks of Oil-Dri Corporation of America. For more information on Cat’s Pride cat litters, please visit our Facebook page at,


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