Green Dot Films’ Cohen Cooks Up Mom-And-Pop Shop Success For Google Chrome


Last Updated: September 19, 2011 9:13 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--September 19, 2011) LA-based Green Dot Films director Omri Cohen captures entrepreneurial and culinary creativity in the new :60 “Austin” for Google Chrome – Small Business out of agency GOOD/Corps, Los Angeles, CA. The spot features Austin, TX couple Daniel and Jennifer Northcutt discussing their evolving journey to create an artisan sausage restaurant where musicians and artists come to satiate both their creative and culinary appetites. The documentary-style footage fused with Google application screenshots sheds light on the young couple as they venture to start a family and a business out of pure passion.

Green Dot Films’ Cohen Cooks Up Mom-And-Pop Shop Success For Google Chrome

“Austin” opens with a cursor clicking on the Google Chrome logo, cutting to a Google Map image zooming in on the location of Frank Restaurant in Austin, TX. Frank owners Daniel and Jennifer Northcutt introduce themselves in the background, with Jennifer stating, “Opening a restaurant is utterly terrifying,” and Daniel adding, “We lost over half of our funding when everything took a big dip.” We cut to shots of a working Google spreadsheet as Jennifer continues, “I don’t think anyone would open up a restaurant if they knew what that moment was like.” We cut to the Frank Restaurant website and then quickly to the interior of the restaurant as the cursor clicks on “HRS+MAPS” on the menu. We see shots of foods being cooked in the restaurant kitchen as Jennifer goes on, “Day one, everything happened at once.”

We cut between shots of customers enjoying the restaurant’s cuisine and screenshots of reviews being created online as Jennifer and Daniel proceed, “I don’t know how long that day was. We went home and let it sink in—what we had just done. Word of mouth is everything. And word of mouth today is online.” We see customer reviews, accounting spreadsheets and online editorial articles featuring Frank Restaurant as Daniel continues, “It all goes back to the mom-and-pop business and building something from the heart founded within a family.” We cut to the couple holding hands, standing back to back in front of their restaurant’s wall-size sign. We cut to a shot of a chat screen, reading, “Can you believe it?! We’re expanding!!!” as Jennifer goes on, stating, “When I found out I was pregnant, Daniel was working on our second location.” She rubs her belly as she says, “Everyone will find out soon enough, I think, that something’s happening.” W e cut to a white screen, as a super appears, “Jenn & Daniel Northcutt, Mom & Pop. The web is what you make of it.” We once again cut to a cursor clicking on the Google Chrome logo, this time revealing an array of various other logos including a Google Places logo, a Google Docs logo, a YouTube logo and the Frank Restaurant logo. “Austin” closes on the Google Chrome logo and URL.

About Green Dot Films
Green Dot Films consistently produces exceptional commercial work and has been building trusted agency relationships since its inception in 1996. With a focus on cultivating the talent of their directors, the team has won over even the most top tier of repeat agency clients. Hosting a diverse roster combining veterans with fresh new faces, Green Dot brings top industry talent in spots, features, stills and animation. Green Dot Films is readily able to handle any sized project with the utmost care and creativity. Green Dot’s core executive team is lead by owners Jane & Brent Thomas, Managing Director Rick Fishbein, Executive Producer/Head of Sales Darren Foldes & Executive Producer/Head of Production Rich Pring. Green Dot Films 2011 directing roster: Rebecca Baehler, Omri Cohen, Coppos/Lee, Richard Farmer (formerly of the directing team HAPPY), Rafael Fernandez, Jacobsbriere, Luc Schurgers (founder of MiniVegas), Richard Sears, Brent Thomas and Claire Thomas.

Production Company: Green Dot Films
Director: Omri Cohen
DP: Adam Richards
Managing Director: Rick Fishbein
Executive Producer: Rich Pring
Executive Producer: Darren Foldes
Producer: Steve DeVore
Agency: GOOD/Corps, Los Angeles, CA
Executive Creative Director: Kirk Souder
Creative Director: Kevin Raich
Art Director: Vik Bhalla
Producer: Jimmy Greenway
GOOD/Corps Lead: Sebastian Buck
Partnership Manager: Carla Fernandez


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