Video professionals can now calculate timed elements effortlessly with SceneTimer 1.5 for the Apple® iPad®


Last Updated: September 27, 2011 7:44 pm GMT
(Dayton, Ohio--September 27, 2011) Video Adventures is proud to announce that SceneTimer is now fully optimized for the Apple® iPad®. SceneTimer was designed to offer producers, directors and videographers the ability to keep track of scene times in relation to the whole video production. The application is available now for the iPad in the iTunes App Store.

SceneTimer can be used in the field during acquisition or in a studio production environment allowing the user to effortlessly calculate timed elements. SceneTimer is a versatile and flexible production stopwatch for video and audio professionals.

“SceneTimer has been a phenomenal success with iPhone and iPod Touch users around the world,” said video adventures founder Fred Barbaro. “We are excited to now bring this app to the iPad market. SceneTimer streamlines and simplifies the often tedious workflow of keeping track of the total time of production elements and time remaining in a production! It is a simple little application, that has proven invaluable in the field for video and audio professionals!”

SceneTimer’s intuitive interface features the ability to customize your working environment. A preferences page allows the user to specify the number of scenes and select a target time of their production project. SceneTimer alerts the user if a previously stored time is about to be overwritten or if you have exceeded your target time.

It has never been easier to time elements for a TV or radio commercial.

SceneTimer 1.5 offers:
  • the main interface allows you to touch anywhere at the top on the screen to start and stop the watch - no more fumbling to hit a small button
  • touch a table cell to store a time - the counter resets ready for next take
  • dynamically updates and displays “Time Remaining” and “Total Time” in your project
  • keeps track of of whether scenes have been recorded
  • review timed results dynamically
  • shake to reset values

For additional information about SceneTimer, including video demonstration, screenshots and more. please visit To download SceneTimer, search for SceneTimer on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iTunes and download the application for $1.99. SceneTimer supports iPhone, iPod Touch and now the iPad.

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