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ToolsOnAir would like to thank you for visiting our booth at IBC 2011

Last Updated: October 3, 2011 5:30 pm GMT
(October 3, 2011) As we catch our breath and rest our tired feet, we look back at one of the most successful IBC Shows in ToolsOnAir's history. With a well-established reputation for our just: Broadcast Suite's ability to deliver an economical TV Station in a Mac package, this year ToolsOnAir took it a step further, signaling a sea change in Broadcast Video technology with our even more compact and cost effective TV Station in a Mac Mini.

Apple's newest generation Mac Mini packs the power and connectivity to handle multi-stream, multi-camera HD video. With its implementation of the new Thunderbolt protocol, all it takes is a Mac Mini, ToolsOnAir's just: Broadcast Suite, and an interface like Black Magics Ultra Studio 3 Portable Thunderbolt 3D capture and playout solution to create a powerful, full-featured professional video broadcast facility. From multi-camera HD ingest into Final Cut Pro, to timeline automated playout and integrated, reali-time active graphics, ToolsOnAir's just: Broadcast Suite delivers a full package of professional features. And with its diminutive form factor and minimal cooling needs, an entire rack of Mac Minis can be configured to run a high-end multi-channel broadcast facility in a space no larger than a closet.

"When we started out four years ago, the industry immediately took notice of what our just: Broadcast Suite was capable of creating using a Mac Pro," said Gilbert Leb, ToolsOnAir's VP of International Sales. "Now, as our own programming has evolved and Apple's hardware has become increasingly sophisticated, it's possible to run a powerful, professional video server with full playout automation, integrated computer graphics and real-time functionality on a single Mac Mini with a 2.7GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7 processor and a power consumption of only 85 Watts, making it as economical to operate as it is to assemble."

TV Station in a Mac Mini

Leb points to rack solutions like Mac Mini Vault's customized 48-rack unit cabinet, designed to accommodate up to 140 current model Mac Minis, as the future of broadcast video. "A system like this one can run 140 playout channels, or 70 channels with one-to-one redundancy," he observes. "Mobile news gathering facilities are also seeing the obvious benefits of this kind of compact setup."

With more than 240 broadcast channels implemented in 2010 alone, ToolsOnAir has gained valuable input from such customers as France Television, BBC, Home Shopping Network, MTV, Swiss Television and Televisa Mexico. The experience we've gained from our customers has enabled us to take our technology to the next level, and the powerfully positive feedback we've received from visitors like you at this year's IBC Show is resounding proof that we're on the right track.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, or visit the newly relaunched ToolsOnAir website at

About ToolsOnAir

ToolsOnAir provides powerful, intuitive QuickTime-based applications designed to create a professional, fully functional broadcast production facility using Mac OS X and low-cost, off-the-shelf hardware components. The ToolsOnAir just: suite is designed with live broadcast production in mind, integrating video, audio and graphics, along with automation, asset management and multiple format capabilities. Full QuickTime and Final Cut compatibility eliminates time-intensive file conversion, and a powerful, intuitive GUI streamlines the workflow from ingest to playout.


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