Sonic Union Breaks Through A Barrage Of Big For Smart Car


Last Updated: October 4, 2011 6:27 pm GMT
(New York--October 4, 2011) NY-based Sonic Union mixer Steve Rosen and Smuggler director Guy Shelmerdine poke fun at America’s obsession with all things big in the new :30 “Unbig” for Smart Car out of Merkley + Partners and Razorfish.

The spot, which recalls Volkswagen’s legendary “Think Small” campaign of the 1950s, features a rapid fire montage of snippets featuring a variety of scenes of Americans from all walks of life, each repeating the same one word in different contexts: “Big”. From politicians, news broadcasters and pop music divas to business executives and little girls, each character intones “big” in a different inflection, combining a variety of settings and soundscapes. We then see a shot of a young man in a crowded office conference room, looking out the window distractedly while his boss continues to babble, “big, big, big, big…” in the background to his assembled co-workers. When the young man’s attention is captured by a compact Smart Car cruising through the parking lot outside, he has an epiphany. “Small,” he mutters to himself at first, and the repeats it again, more confidently to the room, silencing his boss. As we follow the car on its way, voiceover introduces us to, “The space saving, eco-friendly, totally unique Smart.” Followed by the tagline: “Unbig. Uncar.”

Sonic Union, New York was a concept born in 2008 between lauded mixers Michael Marinelli and Steve Rosen, and Managing Director Adam Barone. The team set out to create the finest audio shop in New York, while also maintaining a family-like feel in a location that reflected—and supported—client comfort, natural light and the artists’ unwavering love of the craft. Three years later, Sonic Union’s work has won top awards, their employees and clients play together after work, and its architecturally significant space overlooking the trees of Union Square has become a home-away-from-home for everyone who mixes there.

Sonic Union continues to evolve, pulling in on-staff, veteran voiceover casting director, Maria Pappalardo.

Sonic Union’s flourishing Motion Graphics and VFX studio chases new ideas through design, animation and visual effects, delivering smart and fresh work for an array of creative clients. Pulling off the unexpected with unrivaled dedication, we infuse the process with equal parts love and magic. Come in and check out the state of our Union…


Client: Smart Car

Title: “Unbig” :30

Airdate: Currently Airing

Agency: Razorfish

Agency: Merkley & Parnters

Executive Creative Director: Andy Hirsch

Creative Director/Art Director: Sakib Afridi

HP: Gary Grossman

Creative Director/Copywriter: Eddie Van Bloem

Senior Producer: Alex Kobak

Production Company: Smuggler

Director: Guy Shelmerdine

Producer: Drew Santarsiero

Editorial: Stitch Editorial

Editor: Andrew McGraw


Audio Post: Sonic Union

Mixer: Steve Rosen


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