ShootersINC Bonds with Boys and Girls Club in “Giving Back” to Camden County


Last Updated: October 12, 2011 5:54 pm GMT
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania--October 12, 2011) ShootersINC, the full-service production house, reunited with the Boys and Girls Club of Camden County (BGCCC) in New Jersey to create the inspiring film component of the Boys and Girls Club 10th Anniversary “Be Great” Extravaganza, which honors the supporters of the BGCCC.

The four and a half-minute piece, “Giving Back”, highlights the efforts, achievements and successes of three BGCCC staffers who participated in the club as children.

The ShootersINC crew took a personal approach, filming on location and throughout the surrounding neighborhood. Director Scott Whitham and Executive Producer Cris Andrei met with the three young adults who were the focus of the piece and listened to their stories. Shooting on the discreet and compact Canon 5D, Shooters’ unobtrusive style allowed the young people to speak plainly.

“The small crew and minimal equipment gave us all a sense of security and familiarity, ensuring the intimacy of our conversations,” says Andrei.

Through the staffers’ reflections as well as day-to-day footage, the poise of the young people and the honesty of their experiences shine through– a testimony to how the organization has affected their lives. “Giving Back” is a warm, refreshing and heartfelt declaration of the importance of belonging, being a good citizen and, of course, giving back.

“The crew really took their time to get to know the children and I saw that come out in [the footage]”, says Associate Executive Director, Bernadette Shanahan. “[Editor] Mark Hutchinson took all of that and made it just magical.”

ShootersINC’s relationship with Boys and Girls Club of Camden County began back in 2001 and has continued ever since. This is the fourth year that Shooters has created a video piece for the BGCCC End of Year Extravaganza.

“Returning [to Boys and Girls Club] every year is a labor of love for most of the crew,” says Whitham. “You see, the stories of these kids are always so remarkable. In fact, most of our crew volunteer in advance to clear their schedules for the Boys and Girls Club shoot. These amazing kids truly inspire all of us to be the best we can be.”

Andrei concurs. “The project is truly worthwhile and ultimately bigger than the sum of its parts,” says Andrei. “And Bernadette’s effort and goodwill characterize the success of the whole endeavor—as well as the success of the Boys and Girls Club.”

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