Green Dot's Kim Jacobs Ignites An Explosion of Urban Color for Pepsi


LA-based Green Dot Films director Kim Jacobs plasters city streets with wall-climbing art in an electrifying spot, "Graffiti", for Pepsi.

Last Updated: February 9, 2012 7:04 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--February 9, 2012) In the film we drop in on a guy who opens a can of Pepsi which then sets in motion an explosion of animated graffiti across the city. It's one of three spots produced out of Safari Sundays, NY, that's part of Pepsi's "Refresh Your World" campaign. The previous spots directed by Jacobs were "BeatBus", where a city bus transforms into a large boom box which in turn gets everyone around moving, and "Football" where a dank alley pick-up game of football transforms into a surreal and modern soccer pitch when a Pepsi gets involved.

Jacobs collaborated with a team at DTrain FX for all the spots. For "Graffiti" they added the design talents of legendary graffiti artist and art director on Where the Wild Things Are, Sonny Gerasimowicz, to create the artwork that was ultimately animated within the spot. Jacobs worked closely with Sonny to bring the street art to life. Notes Jacobs, "It was amazing working with Sonny. He's really a genius and in this clip we get to see a little inside his mind and experience the colorful, explosive, and unpredictable visual world that is uniquely his. DTrain was able to translate his art beautifully and add movement that propelled the narrative forward without ever really seeing where it was going."

"Graffiti" opens with a guy popping open a can of Pepsi as he walks down a city street. As he tears down a poster, he unknowingly unleashes an animated graffiti world hidden underneath. The colorful and vibrating street art extends to surrounding buildings, and continues to spread upwards and sideways, following the guy and his friends as they walk through city alleys and streets. As colorful cubes begin to pour out of a buildings drain spout and land on the asphalt by their feet, the group of friends all clue into what's been happening around them. Other people in the city stop to gaze up in awe and snap some photos as the plain buildings transform into art of operatic proportions before their eyes.

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