Tactical Fiber Systems Ships Cost Effective Solutions for Remote Video Production and Live Broadcasting


Last Updated: February 14, 2012 12:49 am GMT
(Boca Raton, Florida--February 14, 2012) Tactical Fiber Systems (TFS) is now shipping low cost Optical Fiber Systems for multi-camera video production and live broadcasting. Turnkey packages include Blackmagic-Design ATEM Camera and Studio Converter / transceivers bundled with TFS Tactical Optical Fiber on large capacity reels enabling video and audio communications between distant camera locations and the switcher.

All systems accept HD/SD-SDI and HDMI camera outputs and two channels of external audio from camera locations while also providing 2-way intercom and return video to camera operators. Pricing starts at $7,875 for a complete turnkey system that will support four cameras including four 500 foot cable reels of TFS tactical fiber.

According to Tactical Fiber System President, Rich Rubin, “Until recently, the use of fiber technology in video production was limited mainly to broadcasters and producers with deep pockets. But the current availability of new components at low cost is a game changer that makes it possible for us to deliver value priced turnkey fiber systems that anyone can afford."

Each Fiber Optic Camera Converter / Transceiver includes both BNC and HDMI inputs for connecting cameras with either HD/SD-SDI or HDMI outputs, two balanced ¼” mic level inputs for sending two channels of audio from the camera location… and a headset port for 2-way intercom. Self powered by an internal long duration re-chargeable battery, each is delivered with 115VAC to 12VDC wall-wart for battery charging or for AC power when available.

During operation, bi-directional video and audio signals are carried by TFS tactical fiber cable to a quad fiber optic Studio Transceiver located at the studio, truck or flypack. Containing four independent transceiver modules, the single rack-unit component provides bi-directional links to four cameras. However, multiple 1 RU Studio Transceivers can be interconnected to support any number of cameras --- distributing camera video, external audio and intercom signals to the switcher, audio mixer and the Director’s headset while sending Director’s intercom and program video to the camera operators.

Each system includes TFS military grade Tactical Optical Fiber Cables (TFOCA) delivered on professional cable reels in lengths as desired. At one tenth the weight of copper cable, a five hundred foot reel of TFS tactical fiber weighs less than 20 pounds and requires little more than a square foot of floor space for easy handling and transport. TFS tactical fiber cables are virtually indestructible, low cost, compact, lightweight and easily deployed.

"Our turnkey systems give producers the ability to cover sports, concerts or any large venue event at affordable prices", said TFS President Rich Rubin.

About Tactical Fiber Systems
Tactical Fiber Systems is a leading manufacturer of Tactical Optical Fiber Cable Assemblies (TFOCA) and provides turnkey optical fiber systems for video communications. They are a Division of Mobile Studios, Inc., makers of portable video production systems including the unique PortaCast flip top flypack.
For more information, visit http://www.TacticalFiber.com or 561-372-0604
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