Phantom Cine Toolkit for MacOSX Just Released


Support for Vision Research's new Miro M Series cameras

Last Updated: March 26, 2012 6:40 pm GMT
(March 26, 2012) This updated Phantom Cine Toolkit package now includes support for Vision Research´s new line of Miro M series cameras as well as the latest v1210 and v1610 cameras. Cine files created with Vision Research´s new PCC 2.0 as well as Glue Tools´ Séance package is also directly supported. With the significantly improved color processing engine, Cinematographer and Artists can now see exactly what the image looked like on the Camera's HD-SDI out. SMPTE Time Code created by PCC and Séance is also handled properly.

"This version takes advantage of the modern multiprocessing features of MacOSX 10.6 and 10.7," explains Bob Monaghan, CEO of Glue Tools. "As a result, better use of the system's resources allows for smoother playback. Even when two cine files are playing at the same time!"

This new version now supports the following Macintosh applications:
  • Adobe After Effects CS5 for Macintosh (or later)
  • Avid Media Composer 6 for Macintosh (or later)
  • Final Cut Studio 3
  • Compressor 4
  • Many other QuickTime compatible applications

Phantom Cine Toolkit is priced at $799. Existing Phantom Cine Toolkit v2.0 (and v2.5) users can upgrade for $399. (Customers that have purchased a license after 1 February 2012 will recieve a free upgrade to v3.0). For those of you who are interested in Macintosh based Phantom camera control, Séance is available for $1599. Products are currently available through Glue Tools' website:


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