mettle + mamoworld = Amazing New Products!


Last Updated: March 26, 2012 8:37 pm GMT
(March 26, 2012) Mettle, creators of Next-Gen 3D plug-ins for After Effects, and mamoworld, developers of MochaImport+ and iExpressions, are pleased to announce they’re joining forces. An agreement has been reached between both companies, to co-develop new products for After Effects, and other hosts.

While each company will continue to sell and develop their own products, they will also co-develop new products together that will draw on each companies strengths. “We’ll utilize our collective expertise to create exciting new products for After Effects users. It is both a privilege and an honour to work with Mathias. We expect great things from this collaboration”, says Chris Bobotis, founding partner and CCO , at mettle (

“My tools have a strong focus on making complex things accessible via easy and intuitive interfaces — offering highly effective work-flows is essential. Mettle’s 3DNAE technology produces high quality 3D graphics ultra-fast. Work-flow and speed — these are the key ingredients for any production and that’s what makes this collaboration so exciting for me,” adds Mathias Möhl, PhD Engineering and CTO Development and Engineering , at mamoworld (

Chris Bobotis is the architect of FreeForm, FreeForm V2, FreeForm Pro and Shape- Shifter AE, highly regarded plug-ins for After Effects. He is also the architect of 3DNAE, a proprietary 3D engine that makes use of open GL, open CL, and proprietary algorithms. 3DNAE is used in all mettle products. Chris has a background in advertising, motion graphics and production.

Mathias Möhl is a renowned After Effects developer and the owner of mamoworld. com, a comprehensive resource for tutorials, techniques and products especially developed for After Effects artists. MochaImport and iExpressions are mamoworld’s best known tools. Mathias has a PhD in Engineering, and has worked in the fields of computational linguistics and bioinformatics.

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Re: News: mettle + mamoworld = Amazing New Products!
by Chris Bobotis
Thanks guys. We are soooooo honored... Mathias is a real gentleman and scholar :-)

@mettle + mamoworld = Amazing New Products!
by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
Good news indeed! Looking forward to interesting products.

Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
Senior VFX Artist
Re: News: mettle + mamoworld = Amazing New Products!
by Todd Kopriva
This is very good news.

Todd Kopriva, Adobe Systems Incorporated
product manager, professional video software
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