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Last Updated: March 29, 2012 3:54 pm GMT
(March 29, 2012) has today released MochaImport+, the successor of the popular After Eff ects tool MochaImport. The new version allows to launch Mocha directly from inside After Eff ects. You can send clips from After Eff ects to Mocha in a single click - even masks, in- and outpoints are transferred.

A second big change is the new stabilization component. It enriches MochaImport+ by an easy, quick and yet powerful solution to stabilized shaky footage. The stabilization can be tweaked using sliders. For a hand-held pan, for example, you can obtain a smooth motion from left to right, while any movement up/down and any rotation is eliminated.

Furthermore, numerous smaller improvements have been made to simplify the Mocha & After Eff ects workfl ow. With the status panel of the new, streamlined interface, for example, you always know what kind of tracking data you need to export for the task at hand.

  • send clips from After Effects to Mocha in a single click
  • send masks from After Effects to Mocha
  • corner pin and moving layers
  • advanced stabilization
  • stabilized precomps
  • converting Mocha tracking data to After Effects track points
  • support of different corner pin effects (corner pin, CC Power Pin, Red Giant Warp)
  • compatible with all versions of Mocha and all versions of After Eff ects since CS3

Pricing MochaImport+ is available for $34.99 (USD) single user license or $349.99 (USD) unlimited site license. For people who purchased a previous version of MochaImport, upgrade options are available.

Videos available:
video: MochaImport+ in less than one minute

video: Getting Started with MochaImport+ (tutorial)

video: Graffiti becomes Alive (tutorial)

For more info, contact Andra Möhl,


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