Searle Street Post Upgrades Digital Dailies Workflow to FLEXXITY Dailies Software


Last Updated: April 12, 2012 4:57 pm GMT
(Weiterstadt, Germany--April 12, 2012) DFT Digital Film Technology, provider of high-end film and digital post production solutions that preserve, manage, and deliver your pictures, announces that Searle Street Post in Cape Town, South Africa has upgraded its digital dailies workflow from Bones Dailies to FLEXXITY Dailies.

By upgrading to FLEXXITY Dailies, Searle Street Post now has the advantage of working in a myriad of different file formats including all digital cinematography and raw camera files. There is absolutely zero transcoding required, which saves time and ensures simultaneous rendering of multiple output file formats at almost real-time speeds. This new workflow supports 4K and 2K functionality, and processes virtually any file format from incoming camera files, or other media.

Dailies operator at Searle Street Post, Andrew Giddey comments that “FLEXXITY is stable, versatile, and a highly intelligent system that makes the dailies process enjoyable and successful day after day.”

The speed and functionality of FLEXXITY Dailies allows Searle Street Post to achieve a true real-time dailies processing environment. Searle’s previous workflow with R3D footage used to take 1 _ x real-time to transcode and import to dpx files. FLEXXITY Dailies ingests files and starts syncing audio / video immediately. FLEXXITY guarantees that they deliver sound synced, graded, metadata logged dailies in a variety of file formats expertly, and with unparalleled speed.

Searle Street Post works with a lot of ProRes files coming from ARRI Alexa, ARRIRAW, RED and other acquisition formats, which FLEXXITY Dailies ingests and reads natively, without the need for transcoding. This ensures that high quality compressed content is supported throughout the entire process all the way to the finished product. FLEXXITY is among the first Linux based software solutions to offer native ProRes support.

The South African film market is a vibrant, growing industry, which offers diverse and unique film locations, affordable production costs, and a favorable exchange rate. As with other markets, the move toward digital filming, digital dailies, as well as on-set dailies is occurring quite rapidly.

“We are seeing a fast shift from film to digital in Africa,” states Heino Henning, creative director at Searle Street Post. “We are committed to taking the lead in technology trends and market movements, and our decision to upgrade our Bones system to a FLEXXITY Dailies will help us continue to meet the demands of our customers. FLEXXITY handles digital formats such as ARRIRAW and ProRes so seamlessly, so the decision to upgrade our dailies workflow was really already made for us.”

FLEXXITY Dailies can also be efficiently used as an on-set Dailies software application. The audio / video syncing, metadata logging and management, color grading, and quality-control measurements are ideal tools for on-set production dailies work.

FLEXXITY Dailies software offers real-time playback, quality control, color correction, scaling, sound synchronization and much more. It is resolution-independent, handles all kinds of source formats on the same timeline, and outputs a large variety of file formats and video streams in parallel.

FLEXXITY software applications are available as software only, as well as turnkey systems including workstation, interfaces, storage, and grading panels.

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