DFT Digital Film Technology & 1o1Media Introduce Premium Dailies Solution for under $3K


Last Updated: April 12, 2012 5:02 pm GMT
(Weiterstadt, Germany--April 12, 2012) DFT Digital Film Technology, provider of high-end film and digital post production solutions that preserve, manage, and deliver your pictures, and cloud-based video platform provider, 1o1Media have integrated their solutions to provide the production and post production marketplace with an attractively priced end-to-end Dailies solution.

This new collaboration, “FLEXXITY + 1o1™” is a software application that optimizes a fully end-to-end finished dailies solution with secure online content management and distribution.

The attractively priced Dailies solution, FLEXXITY + 1o1™ will be demonstrated at NAB 2012, booth C11145.

FLEXXITY + 1o1™ has been created to revolutionize the production and post production workflow, saving producers and filmmakers time and money. Users can create and securely share color corrected dailies immediately, on set, in post production, worldwide, and 24/7. This new solution supports all production choices and acquisition formats desired by the Producer. FLEXXITY + 1o1™ Dailies simplifies all aspects of a digital file-based production including: sound-syncing, color-grading, data backups, transcoding and distribution.

As digitalization continues to impact the media & entertainment industry, DFT and 1o1Media have teamed up to create solutions to better support global-decentralized productions, increased shooting volume, shortened schedules, and decreased budgets. The FLEXXITY + 1o1™ workflow solution streamlines the technical process, enhances the creative process (from editorial to color correction), automates the generation of Dailies deliverables, and offers partnership tools for secure collaboration. FLEXXITY+ 1o1™ is ideal for any size facility, studio, and post-production company and offers the benefits of a high-end workflow regardless of budget.

FLEXXITY Dailies is a powerful on-set and post production Dailies solution for digital and film productions for both Mac and Linux platforms. It provides native support for ProRes, QuickTime, MXF and DPX files as well as most digital cinematography camera formats. FLEXXITY Dailies performs simultaneous image and audio synchronization, timeline editing, color correction, image scaling as well as layout and file generation of a multitude of different file formats including digital cinema packages (DCPs). FLEXXITY Dailies supports parallel workflows for higher throughput and efficiency and now also includes support for stereoscopic 3D workflows.

FLEXXITY Dailies automatically generate dailies deliverables including associated metadata information, which is seamlessly shared and reviewed on the 1o1™ online platform. A new conform function automatically generates consolidated dailies based on playlists provided by 1o1™.

1o1™ is an online cloud-based content management and distribution system that allows users to securely share high value production content worldwide 24/7 via a private cloud.

“I wanted to create a space where creative folks could easily control, protect and share their work,” comments Rainer Knebel, founder and CEO of 1o1Media.

Supporting Dailies, VFX, previews, and feature releases, this 100% online platform enables content owners to securely share video within teams or selected users. Taking great care to ensure the safety of its media, 1o1™ includes built- in digital rights management (DRM), access rights and content management, file encryption, and watermarking.

1o1™ also comes with a fully equipped toolbox to help organize communication between assigned users. Through custom annotation features, users can read, write, review, approve and export (via xml) clip-based or time-code related comments. All annotations are managed and stored through a built-in project database. 1o1™ also works directly with users’ email to ensure communication remains in a single safe place.

Through multiple online features 1o1™ saves production departments considerable time and money, as well as eliminating the need for physical media. By providing a software as a service (SaaS) model, 1o1Media provides users with a pay by usage opportunity. It does not require any up-front investment; there are no installation, subscription, hardware or software fees in order to get started. All feature updates and support are complementary. A desktop, laptop and Internet connection is all that are required.

Pricing & Availability:
The FLEXXITY + 1o1™ package is available immediately and includes:
  • FLEXXITY (full software license for MAC)
  • 100 hours of 1o1Media’s new online distribution service

Special NAB 2012 offer: April 16 – July 31, 2012:
FLEXXITY for Mac + 100 hours of 1o1Media’s new online distribution service:
  • $2,599.00
  • €1,998.00

See the new FLEXXITY + 1o1™ Dailies software in action at the DFT Digital Film Technology NAB 2012 booth C11145.

About 1o1Media GmbH
1o1Media developed and operates an advanced and secure cloud-based video platform especially built for the production workflow (1o1™). The service was developed for the entertainment industry and designed for filmmakers, producers and production companies. 1o1Media is based in Berlin, Germany and was founded in 2010 by Rainer Knebel. A veteran of the media industry, Rainer has been instrumental in developing post-production solutions for both manufacturers and post-production facilities in Germany and in the US. For more information please visit http://www.1o1media.com, connect via Facebook.com/1o1media or contact directly info@1o1media.com.

About DFT Digital Film Technology
DFT Digital Film Technology Weiterstadt Holding GmbH provides high-end film and digital post production solutions for a variety of commercial media, film and content markets including; film studios, broadcast operations, and post production facilities.

DFT products include the SCANITY™ Film Scanner, Spirit family of DataCines® and Telecines, Shadow Telecine, Scream grain reducer, LUTher color calibration tool, FLEXXITY™ specialized software for Dailies, Archive, and Playout applications, and BONES software tools for Dailies, Transfers, and Playout. The entire DFT team is highly regarded within the industry and is dedicated to uncompromised product and technology development, as well as superior sales and support services.

DFT Digital Film Technology is headquartered in Weiterstadt, Germany and has regional offices in London, Paris, Sydney, Bangkok and Los Angeles. DFT is independently owned by PARTER Capital Group, a Frankfurt, Germany private equity investment group. For more information please visit: http://www.dft-film.com


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