Marquise Technologies and NextComputing Demonstrate Advanced Image Processing for On-Set / Near-Set Dailies at NAB 2012


M I S T digital cinema, ingest and color grading software now certified for NextComputing portable workstations

Last Updated: April 17, 2012 5:19 pm GMT
(Las Vegas: NAB 2012--April 17, 2012) Marquise Technologies, designers of state-of-the-art solutions for post-production, television and broadcast industries and NextComputing, manufacturers of high-performance portable and small form-factor workstations and servers, have announced a joint solution for the ingest, grading and delivery of digital film dailies on-set and near-set.

Marquise Technologies M I S T (Media Ingest Stream Transcode) software, when driven by NextComputing's portable workstation computers, provides a complete solution for the creation, distribution, and viewing of dailies from any of the myriad of digital camera formats in today's cinema productions, while on location.

The ability to ingest media from any popular camera, ranging from ARRI Alexa to Adobe DNG (Aaton Penelope Delta), debayer and playback in real-time while burning in metadata and delivering projection ready dailies in a variety of formats from MXF Avid DNxHD to ProRes, all of this while On-Set or Near-Set, is no longer a fringe practice but a requirement for most modern productions.

NextComputing offers several configurations of their portable workstations, all of which feature high-end NVIDIA® Quadro by PNY™ professional graphics solutions with HD-SDI output, high-speed Intel® Xeon processors, fast internal RAID storage, and the ability to support multiple REDRocket™ cards - all in a single compact system. Marquise Technologies highly recommends the following systems, which, coupled with M I S T, are able to answer the technology challenges a production meets on-set and near-set:
  • Radius EX - All-in-one, briefcase style workstation with a built-in 17-inch HD display, dual Intel Xeon processors and fast RAID storage capable handling virtually any file format up to uncompressed stereoscopic 3D. Radius EX can go anywhere, including the overhead compartment of most commercial airlines.

  • Nucleus - Compact portable workstation with all the features of Radius EX, but in a compact, mini-tower chassis that can connect to any external monitor and be tucked neatly away under a desk.

  • Nucleus RM - Short-depth 20" 3U rackmount workstation offering the highest-end processing, storage, and graphics capability for productions that need the utmost performance. Nucleus RM is ideal for mobile DIT with its space-saving shallow rack design.

"Anyone trying to manage digital camera data pipelines on-set knows the challenges of dealing with all of that data. We see the role of high-end computing in the production process as the wave of the future, and the only way to handle the deluge of data that today's productions are generating", says Bob Labadini, President and CTO of NextComputing. "As an emerging player in the digital film production industry, Marquise Technologies is poised to make some major changes with our state-of-the-art applications. Adding a high-performance computing hardware provider to our customers was the next logical step. We're excited to have the opportunity to showcase our solutions at NAB this year, where we think the audience will be particularly impressed with the performance of M I S T powered by Next Computing's portable workstations."

"NextComputing systems deliver the required horsepower for managing digital dailies at high resolutions and quality, altogether in a truly mobile form factor. When combined with M I S T the resulted power-pack matches perfectly the complex needs for an on-set/near-set tool while keeping a reasonable price point. Moreover, the same system can be ported in a digital cinema theatre for QC'ing the dailies on a DCI compliant projector directly in CIE XYZ color space." adds Laurence Stoll, CEO at Marquise Technologies.

NextComputing systems and M I S T are available either separately, as a custom-made solution, or as a turn-key system, M I S T-mobile, based on the NextComputing Radius EX.

See M I S T mobile in action at NAB 2012

Marquise Technologies' booth SL 9109 (South Hall - Post-Production)

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