FotoKem's File-based Dailies Software Offers Unparalleled Functionality in Post Production Pipelines


Last Updated: April 17, 2012 8:41 pm GMT
(Las Vegas: NAB 2012--April 17, 2012) FotoKem has unveiled the newest version of its nextLAB software and on-set system. Designed and developed in house by FotoKem's software development team, nextLAB v3.0 can manage digital camera files and metadata, supporting ARRI Alexa and Sony F65 in their native raw formats, RED Epic and Scarlet, Silicon Imaging, and the Canon DSLRs and EOS lines. nextLAB v3.0 also incorporates the Academy Color Encoding Specifications (ACES) architecture, an increasingly important capability for filmmakers. The development of nextLAB and its ongoing advancements are products of the company's technology teams, backed by five decades of experience in the post production industry.

Additionally, FotoKem's nextLAB LIVE is an application that supports on-set color correction directly from digital camera feeds in real time. It enables cinematographers to load a Look Up Table (LUT,) generate a Color Decision List (CDL,) and make color choices while recording images, giving them the ability to create looks as they shoot. Aided by a digital imaging technician (DIT), nextLAB LIVE is simple to setup on a laptop, and provides a color control surface with an SDI interface.

"FotoKem is in constant R&D mode to stay ahead of industry demands, and our software solutions have quickly become the core of the company's file-based production strategies," says FotoKem Vice President Michael Brodersen. "And nextLAB LIVE arose out of a specific need for on-set digital cinematography. We designed it as a simple tool during an actual shoot for making live color decisions that accurately represent creative decisions in the dailies and finishing pipeline."

The nextLAB software securely stores media, archives to LTO, provides quality control tools, audio syncing, color management, and transcoding. It is incorporated into an array of services and offerings at FotoKem and its affiliates, including Keep Me Posted, SPY, and Margarita Mix/LA Studios.

FotoKem's nextLAB Mobile is a unified, rugged, cart loaded with hardware running the software on set or near location. The nextLAB Mobile unit has been redesigned with a smaller footprint and a sturdier enclosure. nextLAB Mobile won an HPA Post Alliance Award for Creativity and Innovation, and is currently deployed on productions around the world.

Tom Vice, Vice President and General Manager of nextLAB, comments, "Our focus is solving on-set needs and helping to integrate production and post. We have the cutting-edge thinking and incubator mentality it takes to succeed and evolve, supported with decades of imaging and post production knowledge. Our nextLAB software solutions bring creative flexibility to filmmakers in new ways that adapt to how productions want to work."

Portable systems, such as FotoKem's nextLAB Mobile, have become a critical piece of the filmmaking process in an industry where the lines between production and post are increasingly blurry. Brodersen adds, "The support of remote productions worldwide has made this extension of our services increasingly valuable."

About FotoKem
FotoKem is an independently owned, full-service post production facility that has become the go-to resource for the worldwide creative community. Since 1963, the company has serviced every corner of the entertainment market, providing unmatched expertise, high-end solutions and innovative technologies. The company's systems approach to the imaging chain assists filmmakers in successfully bridging production and post, and supports them in navigating the many formats and choices for telling stories. FotoKem offers a broad spectrum of services, including file-based workflows, 3D digital intermediates, digital cinema packages, mobile dailies, global data delivery, film and video finishing, audio mixing and mastering, visual effects, full service film lab, restoration, and production rentals. FotoKem has expanded over the years with the acquisition of SPY, Keep Me Posted (KMP), L.A. Studios, and Margarita Mix.

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