SpectraCal Releases Monitor Calibration Software for the Motion Picture & TV Broadcast Industries


Last Updated: April 17, 2012 9:29 pm GMT
(Las Vegas: NAB 2012--April 17, 2012) Seattle-based software developer SpectraCal, Inc. released CalMAN Studio display calibration software at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas today.

The device-independent software is designed for broadcast, production, and post-production professionals who view color critical motion picture and television content on reference studio and professional monitors.
CalMAN Studio characterizes a display in exacting detail and creates a characterization cube, also known as a 3D look-up table (LUT), that corrects a video signal to compensate for the monitor’s deviations from a reference standard. This allows video professionals to be sure they are seeing exactly the same image on all monitors.

“If you’re making creative decisions based on what you see on a monitor,” said Joshua Quain, SpectraCal’s Director of Marketing, “you must have complete confidence that the monitor is telling you the truth.”
Quain says that CalMAN Studio for DAVIO “gives you a higher degree of confidence than any previous software has allowed.”

CalMAN Studio is based on technology original developed in SpectraCal’s CalMAN, the display calibration solution used by nearly every professional calibrator today. A great deal of research and development was invested in making sure that CalMAN Studio would satisfy the meticulous requirements of professionals in the broadcast, production, and post-production industries.

Several technological advances lead SpectraCal to claim that CalMAN Studio provides more accurate monitor characterization than any software previously available.

“Previous generations of software used a brute force method with very little intelligence,” explained Joel Barsotti, SpectraCal’s Director of Software Development.

“CalMAN Studio uses adaptive intelligence to infer interpolated interior points in the cube,” Barsotti explained. “This saves a phenomenal amount of time over the slog-through-every-point method. Not only does this make CalMAN Studio as much as ten times faster, but we also make use of some of the time we gain to check our work.”

Barsotti said that existing monitor characterization software, having consumed a great deal of time making a single pass over the monitor, basically quits at that point. “CalMAN Studio, on the other hand, goes back and checks each reference point iteratively, as many times as necessary, until we totally nail it,” Barsotti said.
“It’s basically the difference between try once and leave it, or don’t quit until it’s exactly right,” Barsotti said.

Once the characterization cube is finished, CalMAN Studio can store the result in any one of a number of industry standard image processors, including the Cine-tal DAVIO and the HDLink Pro from Blackmagic Design. SpectraCal also announced today its own image processor, the SpectraCal ColorBox.

SpectraCal is demonstrating the new software in Booth SL 9426 in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall on April 16-19, 2012.

CalMAN Studio sells for $1595, and supports over thirty colorimeters and nearly as many video test pattern generators.

More information is available from the SpectraCal web site: store.spectracal.com/studio

About SpectraCal
SpectraCal is the worldwide leader in image fidelity solutions. SpectraCal provides everything needed for calibrating video displays: award-winning software, a wide range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers for accurate color measurement, the best available test pattern sources, and a comprehensive education program.


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