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Last Updated: April 19, 2012 4:30 pm GMT
(Placentia, California--April 19, 2012) CalDigit is excited to introduce two of their Thunderbolt solutions to the content creation industry. First, CalDigit’s T1 is the world’s first removable and fastest Thunderbolt single drive solution with two Thunderbolt ports, perfect for audio/visual professionals seeking a sleek, fast and portable storage unit. Second, CalDigit’s T2 is an extremely fast dual drive, enabled with 2 Thunderbolt ports and removable drive design, perfect for RAID 0,1 and JBOD capability. The T1 and T2 drive modules are also interchangeable and both units are capable of handling SSD and HDD drives.

Both the CalDigit T1 and T2 units offer the ability of editing Uncompressed 2K HD or RED 2K and 4K footage at full resolution.

For users looking to use the latest advancing technology in a smaller setting, CalDigit T1 offers a fast and simple solution. Ready for use with any Thunderbolt enabled computer, CalDigit T1 is equipped with two Thunderbolt ports, perfect for daisy chaining. With unparalleled flexibility, users have the option of choosing between a 2.5” SSD drive for even faster speeds or standard 3.5” HDD drives for a larger capacity and at a lower price.

The CalDigit T1 can reach speeds of up to 430 MB/s*.
CalDigit's T2 is an extremely fast 2 drive Thunderbolt solution supporting RAID 0, 1 and JBOD, backed by Apple’s OS. Equipped with 2 Thunderbolt ports, CalDigit T2 offers unmatched performance and protection for any project. Similar to the CalDigit T1, the CalDigit T2 offers users the option of even more performance with support for a 2.5” SSD drive or the standard 3.5” HHD drive for already unbeatable Thunderbolt speeds.
Whether you’re into video editing, motion graphics, photography, sound design or someone who just needs reliable storage, the CalDigit T2 is an ideal compromise between speed and security. Set in RAID 0 the T2 gives outstanding speed, and performance. If set up in RAID 1 the T2 gives users the ultimate peace of mind, as all your data is mirrored on both drives.

The CalDigit T1

The CalDigit T2 can reach speeds of up to 630 MB/s*.
Designed with the creative professional in mind, our new iPhone App, and Mac OS software allows professionals to concentrate on their work, and be safe in the knowledge that the status of their storage is only a glance away. The iPhone App is ideal for professionals working on projects in multiple locations that need instant data about the status of their T1 or T2 drives. The Thunderbolt Drive Utility for Mac OS allows users to monitor the status of their storage, look up RAID information, view event logs and set up email and voice notifications.

The T1 and T2 both have two Thunderbolt ports, allowing users to expand and streamline their post-production workflow. By daisy chaining multiple devices such as Apple Thunderbolt Display, video capture devices or extra CalDigit storage, the T1 and T2 expands your Thunderbolt connectivity.

Come check out T1 and T2 in action at NAB 2012, Las Vegas at our booth SL10020, as well as the following booths: Motu, AJA, Intel, Matrox and BMD.

Price and Availability
CalDigit T1 and T2 Thunderbolt series will be available soon through CalDigit Certified Dealers worldwide or on the CalDigit online stores. Please visit for more information, as well as more about the VR2, VR mini, HDPro2 and other CalDigit products.

About CalDigit (
CalDigit has been dedicated to the content creation industry for years. Every product is exclusively designed with the user’s requirement in mind. CalDigit has a team of world-class software and hardware engineers. Closely bonded, the CalDigit team works to develop the best RAID software and hardware in the industry. CalDigit is the one source for Video Editors, Photographers, and Musicians. CalDigit offers users a secure, practical, and a sleek modular design, which provides users with advanced replacement and true single vendor support. CalDigit is your complete RAID solution choice, at an affordable price. Corporate headquarters are located in Northern Orange County, California, where all products are tested and assembled.


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*speeds reached are using SSD drives

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