Digital Rebellion introduces Post Haste project management tool for Windows


Post Haste is a free tool to keep your creative projects organized and consistent

Last Updated: April 24, 2012 6:03 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--April 24, 2012) Digital Rebellion LLC today announced the availability of Post Haste for Windows, a free tool for keeping creative projects organized. It is targeted at video editors, musicians, photographers, designers and anyone who needs to organize project assets consistently and reliably.

Create a template for the project directory structure using the built-in template editor and Post Haste will create the same folder structure for every new project created, ensuring that subsequent projects are named and organized consistently.

Users can enter parameters such as project name, client and date, that will be added to the directory name and template project file. These parameters are customizable and can be used to enforce common naming conventions in a corporate environment.

The application can be deployed throughout a company to ensure projects are named and structured consistently, and the Mac edition of Post Haste is already in use at production studios around the world.

Post Haste is a free cross-platform application for Mac and Windows 7 systems. It is available at and on the Mac App Store.

About Digital Rebellion
Digital Rebellion LLC specializes in workflow tools for post production professionals. Our other products include Pro Maintenance Tools - a toolkit for maintaining, optimizing and troubleshooting your editing system, Pro Media Tools – a must-have toolset for media management, and Cut Notes, an iPad app for taking timecode notes during a screening.

Our products are used daily by Fortune 500 companies and studios on projects including NCIS:Los Angeles, Cougar Town and Workaholics.

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