Cache-A Announces Integration of Archive Appliance Product Line Into Leading SAN & NAS Systems


By Eliminating Client, Digital Media Professionals Can Now Pull Data Directly from Archion, Facilis, Storage Network Solutions and StorNext Systems

Last Updated: May 2, 2012 5:10 pm GMT
(Morgan Hill, California--May 2, 2012) Once again responding to customer requests to simplify their workflow while ensuring the safest, most reliable and cost-effective solution to content archiving, access and interchange, Cache-A Corporation has announced that its line of archive appliances is now integrated with storage systems from four of the industry’s leading manufacturers. These include the network-attached storage (NAS) solutions from Archion and the storage area network (SAN) solutions from Facilis, Storage Network Solutions and StorNext.

Cache-A recently featured all of its products that integrate with these NAS/SAN solutions -- the award-winning Pro-Cache5, the high-performance Power-Cache and the quiet, desktop Prime-Cache5 -- at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB 2012) in Las Vegas, NV.

“Cache-A remains fully committed and focused on our ‘Archiving Made Easy’ approach to improving archiving for today’s digital media professionals,” said Mark Ostlund, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cache-A. “This announcement underscores our commitment to not only introducing new products like Power-Cache and embracing new formats like LTFS, but also working closely with other industry leaders to enhance digital workflows.”
The SAN/NAS integration enables Cache-A archive appliances to mount directly to those storage platforms and allows end users to pull data directly from those storage platforms. Previously, a client was needed to see both the Cache-A device and the SAN/NAS. Now, by eliminating the need to tie up another client, faster data transfers are possible, particularly because of GigE, rather than Fibre Channel, connectivity.

New Version 2.1 Software Release
In addition to SAN and NAS integration, Cache-A products now feature its latest Version 2.1 software release. Many of these new capabilities were originally included in the new Power-Cache and are now available without charge across the entire Cache-A product line.

Highlights of these new features include:
  • Job Queue: The ability to queue jobs from multiple users or events and automatically run jobs in sequence improves productivity in demanding user environments
  • Better Status Reporting in the Transfer Summary: New status reporting shows users more information about the progress of file transfers
  • ASP Protocol: Now offers the ability to directly mount Apple file shares, improving performance and convenience in Mac environments
  • Configuration of Multiple Ethernet Ports: New network configuration controls give users the ability to set up and view the status of each Ethernet port

The Cache-A Product Family
Simple to deploy, Cache-A’s line of archive appliances offer the most integrated networked archiving solution to help increase productivity. They all write data on low-cost, secure, portable, interchangeable and IT industry-standard LTO-5 tape cartridges that have a 30-year archival life. The latest generation of LTO-5 offers 1.5 terabytes (TB) of storage per cartridge, while also providing significantly faster archiving speeds.

The Cache-A product family includes:
  • Pro-Cache5: The most efficient and easily deployed way to manage multiple terabytes of archived data; it offers many of the advanced features demanded for content archiving, interchange and access
  • Power-Cache Archive Server: Combining Cache-A’s noted appliance functionality with more disk speed and better throughput, it offers a high-performance blend of LTO-5 tape drives, 8 TB of RAID and 10Gb Ethernet technologies; it offers faster archive and retrieval transfers as well as greater flexibility for staging content, making duplicate tape copies and working with Cache-A Library and Expansion units
  • Pro-Cache Library24/Library48 Automation Appliances: Available in either 24 or 48 tape slot configurations, these library options work with Pro-Cache and Power-Cache models to automate cartridge loading for archiving, restoring and even cartridge spanning when archiving large projects; they offer near-line archival capacity of up to 72 TBs (Library48) or 36 TBs (Library24)
  • Prime-Cache5: Optimized for desktop applications and compact and quiet in the Prime-Cache tradition, it features an LTO-5 tape drive, 2TB hard disc drive, an improved chassis and 10 times faster direct-attached transfers with USB 3.0

All of these products offer LTFS (Linear Tape File System) capability as a free option to the industry standard tar format. Based on open source software, LTFS enables users to interchange content across different operating systems, software applications and physical locations.

About Cache-A Corporation

The expert in LTFS applications and the winner of Creative Cow’s Blue Ribbon Award for NAB 2011 for “Best Archiving System,” Cache-A is a leading supplier of network-attached archive appliances for the media and entertainment industry. Cache-A’s archive appliances can easily archive source masters for production or entire projects for post-production using the secure, portable, interchangeable, industry standard LTFS or tar format on LTO-5 media.


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