Thales Angénieux Unveils Two New Optimo Zoom Lenses


Optimo19.5-94mm and Optimo 28-340mm Lenses Enable Image Coverage up to 31.4mm

Last Updated: May 4, 2012 6:44 pm GMT
(May 4, 2012) Thales Angénieux has raised the performance bar once again with the introduction this week of two new additions to its line of Optimo lenses. Complementary versions of the famous Optimo 17-80 and Optimo 24-290, the Optimo 19.5-94 and Optimo 28-340 offer the exceptional precision you can only get with Optimo lenses. With image coverage up to 31.4mm diagonal, they are ideal for today’s S35 film and large format sensor cameras, full frame 5K format of Epic among others.

“The new long zooms define an artistic and expressive experience for DPs, with all of the performance and design attributes they have come to expect from Optimo lenses,” said Dominique Rouchon, International Sales Director, Thales Angénieux. “Whether they are used for cinema or television productions, these dramatic new Angénieux lenses have the potential to change the creative process.”

The Optimo 19.5-94mm 4.7x zoom lens

The Optimo 19.5-94 is a 4.7x zoom lens with an extremely fast aperture of T2.6 (wide open). The lens features a 329° focus rotation with over 50 calibrated focus witness marks for precise focusing in feet or meters. It’s wide enough to capture entire scenes and long enough to zoom in on that perfect moment in a music video. The Optimo 19.5- 94 lens weighs 12.3 pounds / 5.6 kilos with a front diameter of 136mm and a close focus at two feet, five inches (2’5”).

The 12x Optimo 28-340 long zoom lens with a fast aperture of T3.2 (wide open) is ideal for capturing critical close-ups from longer distances. It is designed with a 327° focus rotation and over 70 precise focus witness marks, available in feet or meters. The Optimo 28-340 weighs approximately 24.4 pounds / 11.1 kilos with a front diameter of 162mm and a close focus at four feet, five inches (4’5”).

The Optimo 28-340mm 12x long zoom lens

The Optimo 19.5-94 and the Optimo 28-340 share Angénieux’s exceptional design features that deliver superior optical performance rivaling prime lenses at equivalent focal lengths. They provide image coverage of S35+ or 31.4mm diagonal image coverage as well as featuring internal focus and minimal breathing. Both are available with PL mounts (PV mounts by request) and are compatible with Angénieux’s 1.4x and 2x extenders.

About Thales Angenieux
Thales Angenieux, a subsidiary of French Thales group, offers a full complement of high precision lenses for a wide range of broadcast and video production applications, including: Optimo Series Lenses for the most demanding HDTV and 35mm production applications; High Definition (HD) Series cine-style, wide angle and studio lenses; High Resolution (HR) Series wide angle and all-purpose ENG lenses including economically priced HD-e series; Studio and Sports/Outside Broadcast (OB) lenses. Angenieux has achieved worldwide acclaim for its ability to design and manufacture zoom lenses for film and television, surveillance and security applications, and for its outstanding range of night vision goggles. The company is also a pioneer in 3D imaging and a major player in the development of this technology.


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