Photron USA Introduces New Pricing for PRIMATTE V for Smoke on Mac


New Version of PRIMATTE Makes Chromakeying Even Easier for Autodesk® Smoke on Mac® Systems.

Last Updated: May 17, 2012 9:33 pm GMT
(Cameron Park, California--May 17, 2012) Photron USA, Inc., the distribution arm of IMAGICA Technologies Corp., the engineering solutions division company of IMAGICA Robot Holdings, Inc., announced today the introduction of new pricing on PRIMATTE V, an upgrade of the Primatte chromakey plug-ins for Autodesk® Smoke on Mac systems. Primatte V should solve many of the problems typically faced by postproduction facilities especially including uneven backing screens and the price has been reduced from $2499 to $300!

“In our continued effort to simplify and automate chromakeying for compositing artists everywhere, we’re very excited to introduce this version of Primatte,” said Scott Gross, Primatte Product Manager at Photron USA, Inc. “Primatte has been well known in the industry as maybe the easiest chromakeyer to use to get high-end professional results. Well, thanks to Primatte V, it just got a whole lot easier to use while still maintaining the highest quality results. You have to try it to believe it.”

New features in Primatte V:

  • Adjust Lighting - As most movie/video compositing artists know, having a flat, evenly lit and well-saturated green or blue screen on the set is the key factor in producing the most favorable chromakey composite result with minimum post-production effort. Unfortunately, real-world scenarios prove that getting perfect blue/green screen results is prohibitively difficult in many circumstances. The new lighting function in Primatte V helps to alleviate this problem by analyzing the backing screen and using that data to create an evenly lit ‘virtual backing screen’ resulting in much cleaner keys.
  • New Backing Detection - In Primatte V, the backing color detection program has been completely revised. Using a "hue histogram" technique (patent pending), the backing color detection method is far more intelligent than in previous versions. It detects the fairly flat colored areas in the picture and recognizes it as the desired backing color. Even though the backing screen area may be rather small compared to the FG object, the new Auto-Compute function automatically detects many different shades of blue and green.
  • Histogram Analysis - Primatte V also has a newly improved FG color detection function. A unique, patented "blue-screen coordinate system" is utilized to automatically find the color distribution information of the foreground objects and automatically detect them reducing the need for many of the normal Primatte operations. The new Foreground Detection feature truly makes Primatte V an almost one-step operation. Using newly developed algorithms, Primatte V can easily differentiate the foreground objects from the backing screen and deliver an almost perfect key with a single click of the mouse or pen. No more transparent areas on the foreground object that have to be dealt with in additional operations.
  • Hybrid Mode - The new Hybrid Mode uses a technique often used by compositing artists when the foreground object has a color in it that is close to the backing screen color. These areas usually become transparent in the keying process and have to be dealt with in separate operations. Hybrid Mode performs this operation from within the Primatte plug-in by making a second key with the similar colored areas made opaque and then shrunk down and composited over the original key. This should solve many time-consuming operations compositing artists current have to deal with.

Primatte V5 for Smoke on Mac is immediately available from Request a fully-functional demo license from

Photron USA, Inc. - San Diego, CA - (, founded in 1974, is a world supplier of photo-instrumentation, high speed image processing systems and photo optical technologies for the automotive, industrial manufacturing, film and television, medical and military markets. Products include standard and custom high resolution, high-speed cameras, software, and systems for R&D, commercial and defense-related motion image analysis applications.

IMAGICA Technologies Corp.- Tokyo, Japan - (, IMAGICA Technologies Corp. (ITC) is a division of IMAGICA Robot Holdings, Inc., one of the largest entertainment technology companies in Japan. ITC provides front and back-end digital imaging solutions for feature film, as well as a line of software products which includes the industry-leading Primatte keying technology for blue and green screen removal, and the O-gi image processing plug-in package for Autodesk Inferno, Flame, Flint, Fire and Smoke platforms. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, ITC also maintains a sales and support office in Los Angeles, California. For more information, please visit or call +81-3-3238-2677.


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