U.K. Hire Facility Decode Selects Anton/Bauer Batteries to Power ARRI Alexa for Diverse Video Projects


DIONIC HC Ensures Long-Lasting, Reliable Power in Lightweight Package

Last Updated: May 21, 2012 7:46 pm GMT
(London, UK--May 21, 2012) Anton/Bauer®, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, and a premier global provider of batteries, chargers, lighting and other mobile power systems for the professional broadcast, video and film industries, is the battery, charger and accessories supplier of choice for Decode, a London-based equipment hire company, to help reliably power the ARRI ALEXA. Decode employs Anton/Bauer DIONIC® HC batteries, TM4 chargers and the QR-HOTSWAP-AR Gold Mount® to power ARRI ALEXA cameras, ensuring its clients experience dependable operating times as well as the most secure camera connection with seamless power.

Specializing in high-end cameras, grips and lighting for feature films, commercials and corporate productions as well as 3D rigs with crews for special projects, Decode is one of the leading equipment hire facilities in the U.K. Notable projects the company has worked on include MTV’s Living on the Edge, Fashion Week, commercials for the Sony PlayStation, Doritos, Microsoft and Nike and music videos for AC/DC, Pink and Portishead.

“We frequently have clients who are very concerned with the output of batteries and therefore the operating time that Anton/Bauer provides is important for every job,” says Decode Kitroom Technician Tony Shocash. “Not only do they charge fast and are robust, but we have found that they are the most reliable and longest-lasting batteries. The digital readout is much more accurate than a light-up panel for predicting when a change will need to be made. Also, the Gold Mount is fantastic, both for securing to the plate and for its connection.”

Part of the company’s Logic Series® batteries, the DIONIC HC is suitable for powering high-current applications in a lightweight package. Designed through close work with cell manufacturers, the DIONIC series incorporates high-capacity cells that can sustain a 10 amp draw. To continually ensure cell protection and performance integrity, a special honeycomb cell pack design protects the cells for both the DIONIC HC and the DIONIC HCX. The DIONIC HC provides 91Wh and can operate a 40-watt HD camera for more than two hours. Transported as carry-on luggage without restrictions, the DIONIC HC is the perfect lightweight battery for shooting on location*.

Decode also provides the Anton/Bauer QR-HOTSWAP-AR Gold Mount to its ARRI ALEXA users. “The Gold Mount is fantastic, both for securing to the plate and for its seamless connection to the camera,” says Shocash. “It saves a massive amount of time and it is practically impossible to inadvertently knock the battery off, whereas V-locks can become disconnected when the camera is moved. Combined run-time for multiple batteries can be seen in the camera’s viewfinder.”

Shocash is also pleased with Anton/Bauer’s TM4 four-position chargers. “The TM4 charger is very useful for working fast and makes the turnaround much easier for A/C since you can charge multiple batteries simultaneously,” he says.

*All carry-on/checked baggage passenger rules should be verified with your specific carrier prior to travel. For more information on Li-Ion travel, refer to http://www.antonbauer.com.

For more information on Decode, visit http://decodeuk.com/.

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