Cinema Release For BMW's 3D Highspeed Film


WEISSCAM‘s co-produced 3D highspeed film "Equilibrium“ for BMW Motorrad is from now on bursting onto and out of cinema screens.

Last Updated: May 24, 2012 6:08 pm GMT
(Munich, Germany--May 24, 2012) For its superbike S 1000 RR, BMW wanted an extraordinary commercial – filled with complex shots, and technically very ambitious. Bringing the storyboard to life demanded 3D, normal speed & high speed, cameras next to and on the bike, and dynamic camera movements from all angles – even when the bike was driving at 250km/h.

"The challenge was using 3D rigs in combination with the speed of the bike. We had to make sure that the cameras were not shaking, as that would have destroyed the 3D effect. To combat that, we needed to create very special rigs. Driving very fast and shooting 1.000 fps really brought together all extremes!“, says DoP Stefan Weiss.

"There is always the risk, that you maybe don’t get everything you need, or don’t get exactly what’s on the storyboard because once you are shooting many things can happen. But despite the fact this project was very tricky from a technical point of view, we created all the amazing shots we needed with just our cameras.“, says DoP Stefan Weiss.

And now, after several months of postproduction, this incredibly fascinating look into the bike’s "world“ called "Planet Power” is ready for release. Look for it in German cinemas before Men Black III. The worlwide cinema release wil follow soon.

Equilibrium 2D:
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