LA.B's Andrews Jenkins Plays Good Cop/Bad Cop for Common Law


Last Updated: May 30, 2012 3:14 am GMT
(Los Angeles, California--May 30, 2012) Los Angeles-based LA.B Film & Content director Andrews Jenkins combines legal seriousness with comical frustration in the new :40 promo, “Interrogation,” for USA Network’s show Common Law, out of the network’s in-house agency. The spot features the show’s two cops, Michael Ealy and Warren Kole, and their couple’s therapy counselor, Sonya Walger.

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“Interrogation” opens in an interrogation room where the Ealy and Kole are hounding a scruffy, bearded criminal. Sitting directly across from the man in question, Kole assertively says, “Listen Shaggy, you’re not going anywhere until you tell us what we need to know. Okay?” He then shoots up from his chair, causing it to fly backwards. The suspect starts to speak but is interrupted by Ealy who asks Kole about his, “Displaced rage.” The two cops bicker until Walger steps in and reminds Kole that this type of behavior was what they discussed about in therapy last week. The suspect then asks, “Do I need to be here for this?” and both men shout, “Yes!”

The spot closes on the tag, “They’ll get the bad guys. Now if they can only get along,” followed by the USA Network logo and super, “Characters Welcome.”

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Client/Agency: USA Network
Product: Common Law
Title: “Interrogation” :40
Agency Producer: Miguel Rodriguez
Creative: Christina Hedrick
Production Company: LA.B Film&Content
Director: Andrews Jenkins
Dp: Daron Keet
Shooting Location: Los Angeles


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