Softel’s Gordon Hunter Explains How to Reduce the Cost of Subtitling at Broadcast Asia 2012


Last Updated: June 1, 2012 5:48 am GMT
(Pangbourne, England--June 1, 2012) Softel announced today that its chief sales officer, Gordon Hunter, will deliver a talk on “Subtitling and Captioning: Latest in Accessible Media Space” at Broadcast Asia 2012 on Tuesday June 19th at 2.00pm.

Part of Broadcast Asia 2012’s “File-based Workflow and Media Asset Management” conference theme, Hunter’s session will explain the very latest developments in the accessible media space and examine state-of-the-art technologies, such as speech analysis. Attendees will learn how these advancements are being elegantly applied to subtitling and captioning processes to reduce time-to-air and deliver greater profitability.

The need to reduce the complexity, cost and effort to subtitle and caption new and re-purposed content has never been greater, and is a key challenge to broadcaster who are evolving their workflow to answer the demands of multi-language, multi-channel, multi-platform broadcasting.

Speech analysis technology is now integrated into the latest subtitling and captioning tools to free operators from the synchronization process, when they manually set the timing for each caption and subtitle they create. This new technology can ultimately be used to automate the batch re-timing of existing subtitle and caption files to match videos that have been edited for re-broadcast or re-purposing. Hunter will explain how early tests results demonstrate up to 40% reduction in creation time and up to 90% reduction in re-purposing time using speech analysis tools.

About Softel
Softel is a global leader in key TV and video technologies. The company specializes in closed captioning, subtitling, video description and ancillary data processing software as well as headend components and interactive, second screen and connected TV solutions, all delivered through a full range of products, professional services and bespoke development.

Based in Pangbourne, near Reading in Berkshire, England, Softel also owns Softel-USA LLC, which focuses entirely on the Americas from its metro New York location. With almost three decades of broadcast experience, Softel has built an impressive network of partners worldwide and a prestigious customer list that includes the biggest names in the broadcast industry.


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