Food Network’s New Hidden Camera Show Proves To Be An Audio Challenge


Two Former Competitors Join Forces to Deliver Audio Solutions

Last Updated: June 1, 2012 6:29 pm GMT
(Santa Monica, California--June 1, 2012) Allied Post Audio is conquering the challenge of mixing Mystery Diners, their 2nd Food Network show for T-Group Productions, a leading reality production company based in Santa Monica. Each 1/2 hour show chronicles a restaurant owner who suspects employees of not doing their jobs or worse. Undercover operatives or “Mystery Diners” are called in to go into these restaurants, bars and food service establishments with hidden cameras to perform surveillance to find out what's really going on when the boss isn't around.

“Working with inherently noisy restaurant locations and off-mic suspect employees is one of this series’ biggest audio challenges,” says Allied Post Audio supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer, Woody Woodhall, CAS. “Restaurant locations can be very noisy with air-conditioning, refrigerators, loud patrons and lots of activity so getting clean recordings can be difficult.” Woodhall uses iZotope RX as his go to tool for noise reduction and then balances this with equalizers and an artful blending of volume levels to satisfy the expert ear of T-Group Productions president and owner Jenny Daly.

Partnering up with the world-class facility and talented team at 48 Windows in Santa Monica, CA, Woodhall works out of 48 Windows’ Studio A where he meets the challenges of tight edit and mix turnarounds for this fast paced multi-mic’d series. 48 Windows, once a competitor of Allied Post Audio, provides the ideal place with its outstanding recording and mix facilities, superb client services and award winning engineers and mixers, now including Woodhall.

Mystery Diners airs on the Food Network on Friday nights at 10pm/9c.

Allied Post Audio is a virtual post production studio partnering with 48 Windows in Santa Monica, CA.
Their credits include television programming for networks including VH-1, Food Network, Comedy
Central, Fuse and USA Network and is lead by award-winning re-recording mixer Woody Woodhall, CAS.

48 Windows is an industry leader in audio post production including mixing, editing, and voiceover
recording for film, television, commercials, multimedia and audio books. Located in the heart of Santa
Monica, 48 Windows provides a creative oasis for digital content creators and delivers superior audio
services. 48 Windows is a networked facility equipped with HD video playback and offers ISDN and
Source Connect to work with artists and producers around the globe.


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