Skibel Chooses New Schneider 77mm Variable ND Filter from Schneider for Fashion Shoot


Last Updated: June 2, 2012 2:12 am GMT
(Los Angeles, California--June 2, 2012) California -based still photographer Joey Skibel has recently begun taking his DSLR equipment into the commercial and video market. For a recent fashion shoot with model Maya D, profiling a new line of swimwear cover ups, he used his newest favorite tool – the new Schneider 77mm True-Match Variable ND filter.

“This new filter from Schneider goes with me from shooting DSLR video to stills instantly,” he explains. “I need to shoot 1/50th of a second to get the cinema look on the Canon 5D MKII’s while shooting in the middle of the day with bright sun. Some matte boxes are so large they slow me down. I like to be mobile, and switch from multiple rigs, and then shoot stills with the same camera. The Variable ND does not effect the sharpness of my images – and that’s one of the big factors that influenced my choice.”

The new filter allows the photographer to select an f-stop and camera speed, and then dial in the exposure by intuitively selecting just the right amount of neutral density. The 77mm True-Match Vari-ND Thread-In is a single, low profile filter with both True-Match Polarizing filters in the correct orientation for maximum ease of use and efficiency. The design of the 77mm True-Match Variable ND filter is slim and low profile, which prevents vignetting on most DSLR and video camera lenses. By simply turning the built-in rotating ring, the photographer dials in the perfect amount of ND for the scene, from 1-1/3 to 11 stops of light loss. Step rings are available in common sizes to adapt the 77mm size to smaller lens thread diameters.

“This first video shoot with my new Schneider filters is now being used for both in-store and social media advertising,” Skibel explains. “Soon after we finished, I traveled to Thailand to work with director Steven Lyon, and had the Schneider True-Match Variable ND filters on all of my cameras.”

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