Softel to Showcase Innovative Second Screen Solution at TVoT 2012


MediaSphere™ Bridge Provides Great Viewer Experience and Second Screen Ownership to Broadcasters and Operators

Last Updated: June 3, 2012 4:03 am GMT
(Norwalk, CT--June 3, 2012) Softel announced today that it will take part in the TV of Tomorrow (TVoT) show taking place in San Francisco on June 12th and 13th, 2012. TVoT is the premier industry event focused exclusively on next generation TV user experiences across multiple platforms such as cable, satellite, connected TV, OTT (over the top), tablets, and smart phones.

Softel is the founder platinum sponsor of the show and will be demonstrating its recently announced MediaSphere™ Bridge solution, a system which dynamically and naturally links the worlds of television, iTV and the second screen.

Unlike OTT ACR (automated content recognition)-based systems, using audio triggers that often cut broadcasters and operators from the loop and take viewers away from the TV, MediaSphere Bridge dynamically links the TV and second screen through the broadcast path, using Softel’s specialist iMarks™ triggering technology. These automated system-linked in-broadcast triggers deliver 100% reliability, and crucially, allow broadcasters and operators to own the second screen experience.

Meanwhile, viewers enjoy seamless two-way experiences and can either launch interactivity from their registered second screen, or through their remote via a TV-prompt. Additionally, iPad users may choose to 'flick' the iPad screen back to the main television screen allowing all viewers in the room to engage and share in compelling TV experiences.

“MediaSphere Bridge allows second screen apps to be immersive with the broadcast experience”, said Sam Pemberton, Softel’s chief executive officer, “it enables advertisers, broadcasters and operators to deliver deeply engaging second screen-based interactions to viewers without stealing their attention from the TV.”

More information on Softel products is available at and via email at or by telephone at +1 203 354 4602 or +44 118 984 2151.

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