Archiware Releases PresSTORE 4.4


Last Updated: June 6, 2012 11:29 pm GMT
(Munich, Germany--June 6, 2012) Archiware, a leading provider of powerful multi-platform data backup solutions, has announced a significant update to their acclaimed PresSTORE P4 program.

PresSTORE 4.4 boasts a number of significant improvements, both inside and out. Under the hood, PresSTORE's configuration database has been moved to SQLite, a far more contemporary and scalable technology for managing databases. Not only does this increase functionality now, it also opens up a wealth of future development possibilities, such as manipulating the Archive index, and accessing meta data from outside PresSTORE.

More visible to the user is PresSTORE's new Overview option, enabling the display of storage pool capacities for archive and backup jobs. System administrators can now easily see their most recent runs, and verify whether upcoming jobs have sufficient storage space available.

The version 4.4 update also offers a new Customizable Overviews feature with adjustable tables and filters. Particularly in larger PresSTORE installations, displaying information in a simple and easy manner can be critical. The ability to quickly sort and pull up a custom view of specific data pools, sorted by different criteria, has been a much-requested feature.

PresSTORE 4.4 also offers a new automated tape library configurator, which makes installing LTO tape libraries even easier. Current tape library models can be added effortlessly, automatically recognizing model, slots and drives. And importing licenses is also streamlined, making it easy to install via a license file, rather than adding them manually.

"We are continually refining and updating PresSTORE based on feedback from our users and industry trends," commented Archiware CEO and Co-Founder Josef Doods. "This latest update reflects our continued commitment to creating the most reliable and easy-to-use solutions for data backup and management."

The new PresSTORE 4.4 update is available immediately via the Archiware website at


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